Suggestion: Shorten Wraith's traversals a bit


Would you agree/disagree, suggest something else…?


Let’s just remove her traversal ability :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Let’s just make her the slowest Monster in the game. Why not?


Highly disagree, she has one of, if not the, shortest traversal.
If anything, nerf Goliaths jumps, I’ll outpace a wraith any day with the big G


Once Wraith spawns she shouldn’t be able to move at all.


i think you should play wraith for a few days and you will notice that wraith is pretty slow now… especially when the dome comes down and the trapper or val slows you.


The wraiths traversal should always warp the wraith towards the hunters


Kidding me her transversal is Fking slow out of combat, just lern to dont shoot on chaising her only Tracking dart and Tranq!

Every monster outruns you when it get hittet, combat recharge you know?

Just run behind her and shoot only to deney a buff, she recharges faster her transversal in combat.

Without combat recharge she ist the slowest monster, try it out.

MfG Feng


Cuthbert I suggest you play wraith for a few games if you are at higher level. Wraiths are extremely squishy, they have speed so they don’t get caught out and die fast. If you want to know just play wraith first hand then decide, its mostly at the higher levels where the team knows how to combat the monster that you will see how little her traversals matter. A good team runs her out of traversals and tapper cuts her off and domes her, traversals matter very little if you are smart about how you play.


Wtf. All 3 of Wraith’s transversals equal about the distance of just 1 of Goliath’s. Just, no.


Should probably half her armor too.


why would u?


Disagree. She’s too slow now in my opinion.


Wraith is the weakest and slowest monster. Behemoth is faster to get around with.
I get annoyed at how slow she is.


Wouldn´t say she´s weak, just the slowest monster right now, if anything, buff the range on her traversal too match the other monsters.


No, she’s weakest. Easily. Her pathetic health pool was meant to be offset by greater mobility…but they removed her superior mobility. Now she’s very slow, has pathetic health and armor, has one reliable damaging ability and two useless skills. Plus the weakest traversal in the game. It’s VERY slow, and VERY short…


Her traversal is also the one that require the least skill and tactical use of the environment. Hit spacebar, move instantly. So buffing her traversal should be out of the question. It need a total re-work, if anything should be changed.


Except that if it taps anything it ruins the already pathetic distance you get on it. Every Monster except Wraith can cover a loooooot of ground with one traversal on flat ground. Kraken, Behemoth, Goliath. Wraith? Lolnope, spam all three and move half an inch. Plus it leaves tracks, which is just unfair.


Yeah… Wraith sucks…



Which is why it need a rework rather than a pure buff. Because moving far AND near-instantly is not fair.