Suggestion/Request: Do not put a voting system in the game


I’m sort of posting this because while I am not completely sure if it was Turtle Rock or Valve who decided to go ahead with it but I have to say that the whole voting system in Left 4 Dead essentially ruined it. I do not believe that kicking powers should be afforded to the community. I’m not necessarily saying that Evolve’s community will be as toxic as Left 4 Dead is but I think there are solutions outside of placing this kind of power their hands. And it’s a good probably some of those players will filter over to Evolve. It just seems to go all over the place; people don’t like that you have their “ingame” character, randomly trolling games and starting kick votes or upset that they failed in their role and are looking to assert blame elsewhere.

I understand the intent behind the system, to get rid of AFKs primarily or general trollish behaviour but it causes more damage than problems it solves. Again, while I am not trying to say this is “everyone”, there are a lot of people who just don’t care how they ruin the game or the experience, because they are hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.

Besides, I am sure Turtle Rock can come up with more efficient solutions to the problems mentioned above.


I’m inclined to agree that a voting system, while good in some aspects, can just as easily be abused. I feel like you’re trading one set of toxic behaviors (afks, open mics blasting static/music, trolls, etc) for another set (kicking because they think you’re not good, made one mistake, they have a friend who suddenly wants in, you have the class they wanted, etc).


I don’t agree with your opinion at all. If we don’t have a vote to kick function, we would need a crazy amount of “kick player if…” options in the game which would end up harming us more.

I played Left 4 Dead religiously when it came out, besides the occasional versus game there was never any kicking at all. Mostly used for someone being AFK or being a troll by suiciding or just standing around doing nothing. Evolve has a chat system, most people when they begin a vote kick will say the reason. If no reason is given, I immediately say no to it. With a 4v1 game, I’m sure you would need at least 3 out of the 4 people to vote kick someone. So if one person declines, it won’t go through.

Now this does have problems when two people team up and start trolling the game and you can’t kick them, but you have to realize this happens in every game. And when this does happen, you play the game through then leave the lobby.


The problem is that most of the time people just vote for the kick to get the prompt off their screen. You are overestimating the ability of some out their to have a rational thought of their own


I absolutely disagree about kicking powers. There should ALWAYS be the ability to enable/disable kicking by the host. That being said, this debate is about whether you want a voting system. I don’t mind either way to be honest. Trolls rarely play together, and as such they’ll be the ones getting the boot. If you do encounter vote starting trolls, leave and find another group if they themselves aren’t kicked? If anything, a blacklist option should be something gaming companies offer in the interim.

Out of the hundreds of hours I’ve put into L4D and L4D2, I think only a handful of times was the vote option not working as intended.


Yeah, I’m inn for voting system. I consider trolls much more worse of a problem than issue with people abusing votekick. there could be always implementation of 1 votekick per person per game.


I never saw the voting system used except for really necessary purposes, so I don’t think I agree with this. I can deal with the very very odd occasion it might be abused in order to generally keep people in the power of keeping the game they’re playing in order