Suggestion Regarding The Leaving Auto-Loss Penalty


So as it stands if you join a game and leave before actually taking over a character because you notice the game is already lost (the open slot probably being from a rage quit), the game automatically counts the match is a loss when you back out soon after, Is there any chance that in the next patch, there could be no penalty for leaving if the player backs out before taking over a bot? Im really tired of my winrate tanking because I connect to an already lost game, see the inevitability of loss and backout before doing anything; essentially, as it stands, quiters who leave games they screw up, combined with the system of giving them an auto loss (which I think is completely justified), is punishing players who dont do anything wrong. Thanks for any discussion of this idea.


If you join midmatch and lose you get a death but not a loss on your record.


but what happens if u join mid match then back out? is that a wash as well?


That counts as a loss.


ah duely noted. which is lame. because I was duoing with my brother and he got a lobby full message and it threw me into the game. naturally I backed out cuz i want to play with him not randoms.


It’s not perfect, but at least people abusing the system are getting called out on. There will be some civilian casualties, but one step at a time :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, ok, so i just have to play the inevitable losses then, got it.


Only if you leave. Usually people quit right before the end so it shouldn’t take long for the game to end. Then you don’t get a loss. Not a perfect system.


yeah just play the game out. it shoudnt count as a loss and hey u never know u might pull out the win. my case is rare cuz if my brother joined in even if we were losing we would try to win anyway.

last night we beat a stage 3 behemoth because he was good at running but bad at fighting. so we outplayed the ending and won


Its rare, but I’ve had matches where one side leaves too early because ‘obvious loss’ and then the new person joins and turns it around.


I’ve done this in Evac games. I joined a game as Stage 1 Wraith with 4 eggs gone on Day 3. (Silly Bucket comp, om nom nom) and ended up winning. Then won the rest. It was fun.