Suggestion : Recall for daisy ( Maggie )


could we get a recall button for daisy please? Like when u press 3 while playing maggie it recall daisy to you ( 10 meters around you ) cause im getting sick of seeing daisy standing in front of the monster saying Hello while all the hunters are 50 meters away from her waiting at the relay to fight the monster… she become useless because she get rekt by the monster since we are all waiting for the monster to come fight where we want ( stage 3 relay )

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well look like nobody play or give a fk about maggie … have a nice day


Hi there! Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile: I moved your thread to the suggestions category.
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Anyway, I really like your suggestion! Maggie is one of my favorite hunters, but not being able to press that 4th ability always bothered me for some reason. Daisy running away during stage 3 could probably be fixed by changing Daisy’s AI a bit, but I’d much prefer they added the ability to call her back. :slight_smile: Hopefully with some Maggie lines too!


I don’t see of a problem with Daisy showing you where the Monster is but I agree the player needs some control over Daisy. Always cock-blocking Laz or dropping revives because the Monster gave her a bad look.


Maybe a toggle-mode function? Like tapping 3 switches between

  • tracking mode
  • revive mode
  • follow Maggie (passive mode)
  • “Burn, you fuck!” (Waggie only)

would be even better with toggle i guess