[Suggestion] Permanently show match timer


I don’t know why this isn’t a thing, but making the monster run out of time is one of the two win conditions.

For such an important information it really should be visible 100% of the time, when currently in dome or in recent combat you don’t see it at all.


Well, it is in the pause menu but it would be nice, maybe when showing the map it shows the game timer? I like this suggestion.


Not only that, but certain buffs spawn at certain times. It would be nice to have an eye on that match timer without having to pause for a moment.


TRS pretty please? :slight_smile:


Hold T :slight_smile:


Press and hold T to check time dont have to pause


In a Ghodwraith stream I asked why they don’t have this, and Mizx explained that they are just waiting for the UI to be ready to release it.


Didn’t know about the T shortcut, thanks!


I don’t play with a keyboard, i am on a controller.

But nice to see the permament timer is coming soon.