[Suggestion] Optional Objectives for both monster and Hunter in Skirmish Mode


I Wanted to start by saying I think The game you have made is pretty solid. I do feel though that basic skirmish mode needs some additional reasons for there to be early game/ semi-consistent interaction between the monster and hunters. And I think this can be done fairly easily through the addition of two ( and perhaps 3 ) optional objectives for the hunters/Monster to accomplish while the hunt is ongoing.

  1. Tracking Stations - These would be small buildings with a satellite dish on top scattered through out the zone. Perhaps 3 or 4 of them. The hunters could go to these stations and activate them and once activated would allow movement tracking ( or specifically monster tracking ) over 1/3 or 1/4 of the map ( depending on if there are 3 or 4 stations ) activating all of them would allow you to track on the entire map. The monster could destroy these and ( as an added bonus ) get a boon if he destroys them AFTER they have been activated.

  2. Perimeter defenses - multiple traps or turrets scatter throughout the zone. These again can be sought out and activated by the hunters and would A. Shoot or hinder the monster if he gets in range and B. Kill/destroy wildlife depriving the monster of needed juice to evolve. The monster could again destroy these as well and (again as an added bonus ) get a temporary boon if he destroyed them AFTER their activation.

These would provide more activity for the hunters while they are hunting ( trying to hunt down a monster can sometimes be painfully boring in skirmish ) while not overbalancing one way or the other.

  1. This is just a fun extra. If someone dies the party can regroup at the drop point and use a coms device to speed up the dropship re-entry. All hunters must be in the area and someone must be holding down the button the whole time till the drop ship arrives to keep the counter going faster. if the button is released the counter slows back down. Again these are all just to give the hunters more choice and the Monster more decisions to make in regards to how they play.

Think about it


Elite perks are objectives that both players need to look out for while playing the game. And since there are roughly 4 or more per game, that makes enough to add something nice to the game.


Yes but the function of hunting albino’s is a little bland. it doesn’t have that ‘Feel’ of accomplishment you’d get form something more tangible like setting up perimeter defenses or getting a tracking station up and running. also doesn’t give the monster anything else to do whereas with the point defenses and the stations he’d have the side option to wreck some stuff regardless of his rank


I’d be fine with this, it would give the Hunters something to do if the trail went cold.