Suggestion: Optional Mode for Hunter Range meter, especially for Medics

Range meter ?
Those numbers that appear when other hunters are afar off.

Is that 50 units and above ?
so the request is to allow hunters to be able to see the range numbers all the time, even below 50.

because our medi health burst is dependent on range.

a few times being a medic, especially slim or val, i thought i’m near enough for my health boost range to reach but it is not.

this visual mistake costed the team and possible incap as once you miss, the time to recharge is long.

so once we know we are within range, it is our own decision to enable the healing burst. this is so crucial, especially Slim, poor guy, give that medic a break, he is already shooting very hard, his self boost is very little, 190 to others. missing some of these may cost the game.

other option is for example, colour coding when the hunters are near but really, that’s nursing too much. this also helps medics to stay at a safe distance. not too far not too close.


Well, yeah, it’s needed to reduce the healing burst for him because he can quickly recharge it.

I would see this as a good idea. Here’s my take on this idea though, make it so that range indicator disappears when the medic is close enough his/her allies for a healing burst, this includes emet’s healing buoys which are capable of emitting a healing burst alongside emet.

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his own self boost is below 190, but this out of the topic

even at this present time, i dont know the numbers at all. it will take time to find out or someone to share the ranges.

problem with range disappearing / reappearing may be faulty with lag, so its best to always have the number on.

i hope that emet thing works out. i saw in caira’s trailer, a whole air bubble shows the area of healing, maybe can happen for Emet’s

This really belongs in suggestions, should we move it?

I have asked about this in the past, it be a great QOL upgrade if they did this.

Something similar but now on kits.

This has been discussed before:

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it is different,

this is being too nursing to players, its like theyre not even making the decision - games last time require us to think and retry, we cant pass the level if we can’t figure it out. 90s - 2000 games.

its like playing racing car games where the steering is controlled by the computer to help steer. and autobraking.

No… this is like turning on Racing Line in Gran Turismo. It’s a valid “visual assist”.
I suggest looking at Lucio’s Crosshair in Overwatch which is what one of the guys in my thread suggested.

There’s indicators there to let you know how many people will be hit if you fired your AoE at that time.
It’s just a visual aid, just like the counter under your crosshair for deployables to let you know if 1, 2, or 3 of them are active. :slight_smile:

Also I can appreciate your desire for player skill in games. I grew up on a diet of “Japan-hard” games that had no saves. :slight_smile:

yep, but notice this is about “timing” and pressing a button. in overwatch you need to know the best time to use your ultimate.

an indicator dont pop up whenever its the best time to use it.
same goes for dota ultimate, if everybody knows when to use their ultimate.

Yeah… actually you and me are gravitating to the same concept. I’m just thinking of it as something like 3 indicators above the cross hair (opposite where the 3 deployable indicators are below the crosshair) which would light up if 1, 2, or 3 guys are within range of Healing/Shield Burst.

Or you still think that’s too much?

even when our backs are turned, we can still see hunter’s health bar on our screen. it rotates around. but we dont know the distance.

if the crosshair turned on even when our backs are turned then its much too easy.

if you say only when we are looking in the direction the light turns up, i think having the range numbers on is easier to program.

however, you still suggested the general idea much earlier than i did