Suggestion: Optional Mode for Color-Coded HP Bars


This is just a SUGGESTION. An OPTIONAL suggestion. You can enable it in the options, by default it can be off. But I provided this mockup for visualization. Basically it quickly allows you to know were your other teammates are by color (in many cases where the player model is too far away, without having to read the player text, this may just help you “locate” your teammate quicker, as well as coordinate things like “I’m gonna burst heal on support” (so Assault and Trapper can move to teammate to get effect if needed.

Just a thought.


Their outline + name are already the class colour? :slight_smile:


This could be extended as well to the tint of the players when out of line of sight. Right now players have a blue/gray silhouette. There may be an option for a tint of the class color as well.


The problem with an ‘optional’ ability like this is that there is no reason to NOT play it. So the question comes down to whether it hurts balance. Currently, there wasn’t a single time where I didn’t know who it was I was looking at through various means. I don’t think it’s needed tbh.


Oh they have a blue/gray silhouette? did not notice, maybe because they were DEAD muahaha…ha… MONSTER OP :slight_smile:


@MaddCow - The worth of an idea is not the singular total of whether you have personal use of it, but whether you can state definitively that no other person would have benefit from it either. (In other words, it is better to judge the ability not by your own personal needs but by how you feel others may be able to capitalize on it; not to underestimate the worth of your own opinion, that’s still both valid and important)

I understand a slight issue with there being balance with the suggestion (which is why it was proposed as optional), but I cannot see a modification of tint used to provide no more knowledge than comprehension of the class you’re looking at as quickly as possible as being anything that would have a tangible effect on gameplay. Of course, that’s no more than my singular opinion on it.


No worries :slight_smile: Different opinions is what makes things fleshed out more in the end :slight_smile: Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not useful to the majority/minority.


Exactly. I can see you get where I was coming from. If it’s of no use to you, and as long as it ultimately provides no benefit whether it’s used or not, you would be an individual who’d simply not use the feature. (That’s kind of why I suggested it as optional, cause I think the option to do A or B is always better than being forced to use only A or only B)


Oh I would still use it. An advantage is an advantage even if it’s a subconscious one :slight_smile:


You’ll notice how a lot of my suggestions are minor UI-based ones. I believe a good UI (which Evolve clearly showcases) helps users “subconsciously” consume information very quickly. And it’s kind of a “behind the scenes” act where it feels like an extension of the player because it does not get in the way, and provides information contextually based on what is happening.

Few games, IMO, do UI well. Sadly, many are just 1:1 ports over from a console to a PC environment, which makes for one of the most miserable systems to navigate and utilize. The Evolve UI team seems to be very adept in their respective field. Things look clean and concise.


Colored HP actually looks kinda cool! I just wonder if the same color HP bars are intended to help distract the monster from trying to target a specific person


I think that if the hunters get this benefit, so should the monster. However, that would make the trapper WAY easier to spot with a sniff from far away.


Cool idea. Have it on/off option .


Yeah I like this idea!

I just have one small question though.

How are you playing as all classes at once?

R U A WIZARD? :astonished:



10 charz


I’m playing as the 5th class, the Time Traveler, at a rare opportunity to see all 4 Aegis’ in front of me.


Yes, there is a post somewhere around here where the devs said the monster is meant to have to pick out who is what class based on abilities. Which is why Lazarus does not have fancy effects, like tracers or a giant green beam of healing.


I don’t think there’s a tactical advantage to it. It would be fine if only the players had the option for color-coded HP bars.


I don’t think there’s a problem for hunters seeing it, my reply was mostly directed towards the monster being able to have this option.


But if it doesn’t provide an advantage, both sides should have it. If you add it, you need to give the monster something in return to make it balanced because it does benefit the Hunters for it.