Suggestion on map on screen all the time


Hi All!
I have another suggestion for the HUD, about the map.
I don’t know if is on purpose when the map is on, other marks off.
but could be include in the main HUB the map in a corner like other games, re arranging elements like Monster Health/armor and hunter Health and flight meters.
the map smaller than the actual one and instead pointing always to north, to the hunter direction, also with transparency.


The map is only meant to be glanced at. It’s not meant to constantly be on your HUD which is why other icons don’t show up while looking at it.


You’re objective isn’t to know where you are but to know where the Monster is. There isn’t much use for a map other than knowing what path you can and cannot take so it’s not really productive to have it up all the time.


I’d like the constant map as well. There’s one map shaped like a kidney bean where I ALWAYS get confused and try to go through a place I can’t, then have to turn around. Also, it’d be nice to see to plan my way around pillars, etc. Call me dumb, but when I pull it up and it doesn’t move with my orientation, I can’t figure it out quickly enough to be of any benefit.


as trapper you could cut the path of the monster.


I find the map makes it harder for me to see my surroundings. I have ran into more plants and megamouths with the map up than I have with it down. What I would like to see is the ability to take away the equipment wheel as the hunter. It isn’t needed for an experienced player and all the info it provides is already on the guns hud systems so I would love to turn it off if I could.


I used to use the map for all of Stage One as the monster because I didn’t know the layouts too well so I used it as reference. Fast forward to now when I only use it on Aviary because I forget sometimes which side has a door to the snow area, or If I want to see if and where Griffon is putting sound spikes.


Yeah, I would agree to that, too. In fact, if I could customize both lower corners, I’d probably leave the equipment wheel off all together, and replace the character wheel on the bottom left with a very transparent small map that rotates with my movement.


Yes! I hate that it doesn’t rotate and that we don’t have the option to change that. You’re not alone.

To the OP, I’d love to have the map all the time. I find it really useful as the monster. It stops me from getting stuck in corners and things. As a hunter I don’t really need it, but there’s definitely been times when I tried to cut off the monster only to find out that cave didn’t go all the way through or whatever.