Suggestion of QoL changes for helping out pubs to be better gamer



It is no secret that groups of random hunters have it hardest in Evolve.

The reasons are most of the time lack of experience and lack of communication.
While the first one is tackled by implementing tutorials, which get ignored, and youtube videos, which also get ignored, there is really not much you can do here… except hope for the best.

The later one, however, get´s compensated by buffing solo queue hunters. Shady, shady but it kind of works on a larger scale. But improving the UI to make it easier for solo hunters is completely neglected. The reason most of the time is that you want to promote teamwork, but that does not work… so i come again with the same stuff one year later and hope that we are now more open minded for the need of the bulk of players and do not shot down ideas on the base of elitism.

What Solo hunters would really benefit from:

  • seeing who is in a party with whom

Self explanatory, it´s just good to know who play´s with whom.

  • seeing who picked which perk

can you pick poison? Does someone already have it? I ask in chat and do not get an answer… so why not just show it?
Does hank have capacity or damage reduction? This would be all useful information just to know and play a little bit differently.

  • Is the chat in lobby team-chat or all chat?

  • Show cooldowns of other hunters

It should be shown if class cooldowns are ready. This would help a lot in going to your medic at the right time etc. without relying on communication

  • Show deployables of teammates

Sunny´s shield drone get´s an Icon. Almost useless because you have to just stick in the general direction of it. Mines, however, get nothing and you really need to go there. This should be changed to make it easier for randoms to spot out where they should go

  • Chatwheel with quickcommunication

I´d like to let Q pressed and get some options as to what i am doing. “Cutting here, falling back, monster runs here” something like that. Again, it helps a lot.

  • Record and replay games

I can´t stress enough how important this is. You can not analyze what you did wrong without this. Did the monster outjuke you? Where has he gone after that corner? What happened in a chaotic fight. Was your teammate really out of position or got he ambushed? I can´t believe that this function is not in the game after so long and that there are no plans to add it either.

I bet there is more you could do to improve the overall life of pub players, but this would be a good start and in my opinion the right direction because it does not screw with the balance on the top end. Again, these are all no new requests, but they are much needed.

@shaners please


These are the most important ones, and really makes you feel you have a team


This so much. Why has this never been implemented over the course of 1.5 years and the many party-related complaints we had during this period?

If you want to confuse casual/newcomers, letting the player who had “Prefers Monster” get Assault is a great way to do it!


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I think this is very hard to implement without obscurring your screen even more. For example on Weather Control: Overpowered the buff symbols are taking away so much of my screen that sometimes I can’t see the monster or whatever behind them.

I agree with all the other suggestions though!


You could have everything customizable… So whoever wants which Infos… Thanks!


Seeing who picked what perk would really make a big difference. It would be very similar to the QoL changes Rainbow 6 recently got, which shows what weapons/equipment your teammates are using. Although there isn’t as much customization in evolve it would allow others to build around what you’re using with perks.


who do you need to tag for a dev response here :octopus:


To be honest,instead of poison indicator,i would rather have poison stack with each player.There is no reason no to


It’s Monday so they’re just getting back to work for the week. They probably have a lot of messages to view and work to do on the game. Have to be patient when you want an official response. :slight_smile:


totally not sure what that is supposed to mean.
now i get it. yes there is… it would be absolutely broken as insane stated.


yes i know, but i am never sure if i should tag shaners for this stuff or someone else. it was a serious question, not an impatient one :slight_smile:


Not really.Damage perks add more damage and they are instant.So i dont see what would broken in poison stacking,if damage stacking is fine.It would be equal to 80 dps for the whole team,wow lol


This has nothing to do with poison perks viability.


Neither was my post until you mentioned it

My point was,instead of making a new ui element to see which one has poison,which seems arbitrary,just allow everyone to pick poison and be done with it.I take it for granted that its balanced


NM on this one. But they did implement Dynamic matchmaking so I feel this takes care of this issue for the most part.


First off, I think the entire Stage 2 release was in the most part FOR PUBS, so the whole premise of your post seems very ungrateful. I am sure anyone from TRS will facepalm when looking at the title of the thread, despite any useful suggestions contained therein.

I think the mentality of the average solo player makes many of these suggestions pointless. Most people go solo because they don’t really care to compliment their team or perform at peak team efficiency. They just want to play their class with whatever perks they want. They will only use voice to complain about others.

During character select, you could easily ask what perks other are taking, but due to the solo player mentality, you will probably not get a response.

No matter how much TRS holds the hand of the solo player, I think it is the solo mentality as a whole that creates the problems you think will be fixed with more UI things.

tl/dr: While some of your suggestions would be nice, I think TRS had already done a TON for the pub scene, so show some gratitude.


So… we should not improve on it and just let it be? I am not entirely sure what you are suggesting here. The game is not for pubs because their mentality is not meant for it?


I like the idea of the Deployables having small icons for Mines, turrets & traps… This couple with a choice of turning them off in preferences…


My main point is this: Stage 2 as a whole has already made gigantic strides to improving the pub scene, it was specifically made for it, so the title of this thread makes you sound extremely entitled and ungrateful. I suggest changing it asap. I think people in general (Devs included) tend to want to ignore suggestions made in this tone.

Your post is otherwise helpful and not too harshly worded, but I remain pessimistic that the time and energy put into some of these suggestions would be validated by the pub crowd. My opinion is probably swayed because of the extreme negativity of the title lol.