Suggestion of an evolve feature, Infamy, fame, Trophies in ranked play


Evolve is a very different game, It’s also one that i have noticed gamers leaning to the possible of Esports. And are urging for competitive play, I believe that it would be very fun to have a ranked system in which monsters gain infamy based on a variety of factors, Health remaining and stages achieved hunters downed/eaten, and hunters can form teams with a simple name that also have a similar but hunter related infamy. These stats would be displayed before the game loads in. stating team name wins-loss and monster wins-loss but each team can view detailed stats afterwards.

I’d appreciate constructive feedback as i am an avid monster player and in a way wish to only play monster in ranked play and create something of a “Moby Dick” complex to the game. where a team of hunters knows this monster is not just an ordinary monster and better get ready to bring their A-game, and vice versa


Yeah, I have heard ideas like this before as well. I think even if it was as simple as a displayed winning streak as monster it would add a lot to the “Big Game Hunting” feel. You would know going in as a hunter knowing this monster hasn’t been defeated in 25 games, and you would know you had to bring your A game. I dont think it wold work well for a hunter streak, as hunters depend more on their allies than they do themselves… but I would love to see something similar to this someday for the monsters


I know that there will be leaderboards, so I’m assuming you could find someone in the top X or whatever and setup a challenge or something. That being said, I wouldn’t doubt a site/webpage popping up for just this purpose.


Yeah, it will definitely be possible to set up matches with top leader-board monster, but there is just something a million times as satisfying in shutting down a streak as there is simply knowing you are playing a really good monster


As for the hunters for ranked play i feel like there needs to be two different kinds Team ranked and Solo Ranked Similar to Leauge of legends. Team ranked play can be tracked by giving the hunter Team a single name and the game tracks stats that can be considered a Team effort like (Killed monsters during stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3,)


I just feel like the leader boards as I understand them will cover the hunter stats well enough, but the monster is where the pride aspect is, because it is all on you 100% if you win or lose. Idk, imo it just feels better on the monster… maybe implement a highest/total streak shut down stat?


It does feel more like a monster aspect, but the hunters can throw in with it too, at least if TSR brings in Hunter Teams, and allows them to slap a name on their team of specific players, they can then track Largest monster streak shut down and monsters apprehended etc.


Splendid idea, I would love to watch a monster win streak right before I entered the match.


Logged in to respond, this is a pretty awesome idea. Probably my favorite feature I’d hope they add besides the Roar/Taunt feature. At least on PC.


I agree with some sort of way to tell the skill of the player through win/losses, streaks, and biggest shutdowns, but the asymmetry of monster v hunter might make it a bit redundant and confusing. A good hunter may not be represented through his or her stats because of bad team mates.

Also, it may have a negative effect. Hunters that see a monster with a 42 win streak might get off-put by that information and play badly, or in a worst case scenario, call it GG and give up.


Well this is why, i was wanting to limit this feature to somewhat of a bounty hunter/ranked mode where people with a competitive mind set can get their adrenaline rush and like minded people around. I even stated earlier in the post that creating a Team Name for the hunters that would solidify the “stats” as a team effort would an effective approach. there could be a solo ranked play but i don’t think its as effective in tracking good players as a team ranked play. and of course there is an unranked play in which these stats never show up until after the game.


A combined tally for the hunters maybe? Like maybe this hunter team has collected x amount of monster heads lol?


I wished player/guild/clan housing had something like this. You walk in and see all these badass trophy heads mounted to the wall for overcoming big achievements. (This is across many games, not just Evolve).


Something like this would be most likely doable within evolve, but more for the hunters than the monster. Lets say the monster they are hunting is a low ranked monster. The head of the monster would be stage one with the player name underneath. and when facing a higher ranked monster it could eventually change to a stage 3 with scars or signs of age blood etc (essentially badassify the head of the higher ranked monsters)


Theres some games like that! The concept is freaking awesome and it would fit perfectly in Evolve.

But I dunno, it might require a lot of resources to do that and since TSR isn’t that big in terms of workforce, it could slow down new content.


as far as resources go to put a feature like this in the biggest part would probably be making the menu, most of the “mounted heads” could be recycled and for the higher ranked monsters only a few touch ups would be required. if we wanted to get fancy with it even the monster could have a similar “trophy area” where the remains of gear from the hunters are in its “cave or den”


I like the idea of simply adding badges after bagging your Xth amount of monsters. Have several tiers that you can show off on the selection screen and different tier paths for each monster.


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