Suggestion: Monster stealth lowers dome time


I recently played a round as a Wraith; in this round I decided I was going to play stealthy and give the hunters a real hunt instead of eating as quickly as possible and demolishing them in seconds. As a result, I was around 2/3 of the way to being able to hit stage 2 when the hunters finally were able to catch me after several minutes. Here’s where the issue happened. During this dome fight I played avoidance, rarely actually attacking the hunters as I was still a stage 1 monster. Four separate times during the dome fight I was able to juke and hide well enough that my armor began to recharge while the hunters scrambled to try and find me. I was able to get out of the dome after the 5 minutes were up only to realize that I no longer had enough time to do literally anything before the match was over. So my suggestion is this: When a monster hides well enough that their armor begins to recharge, subtract dome time as well. It honestly is hard to stealth that well, and monsters who are good enough to do so deserve to be rewarded, not punished. This will also allow for an alternate play style instead of what is standard right now which is eat quick, evolve quick, crush hunters in seconds, win.


Stage 2 Evolve was designed exactly to discourage this kind of gameplay. Back in legacy Evolve, this was the dominant monster strategy while domed and it made for a rather frustrating experience.


Yeah, if anything stealth in a dome should increase the dome timer


You should really be trying to get strikes.


Yeah, as has already been stated this kind of play is actively being discouraged by the new systems surrounding the dome. FT3 and in-dome mitigation via stealth, etc were very prevailent monster strats that ultimately made for a very boring experience. Which, in turn usually meant the Hunters would do one of two things in response. They would either just camp the relay and wait for the monster to hit Stage 3, or they would run out the clock in a way that would make winning near enough impossible for the monster.

Ultimately it ended up being boring for everyone involved.


As others have said, this is now the opposite of what’s intended.

S1’s are strong enough to fight and not get badly hurt. Waiting out a dome is now considered the worst possible option because you burn five of your twelve minutes before countdown. Almost half the game time.


Yes, S1s are now strong enough to fight the hunters and kill them all (provided they play smart and kill the medic first), but I really don’t think that should be the case. The point of S1 is to try and get strong enough to get to S2 so they have a chance. What Turtle Rock has done is removed the viability of stealth to the point where you basically can’t do it anymore. It’s no longer about outsmarting the hunters (leaving false trails isn’t even possible anymore because of the global tracker), it’s about outrunning them. Which makes it easier to follow you. Especially considering the 4 maps they kept are some of the smallest that were in the game (as far as I can remember at least). The dome can’t even be dropped unless the monster is in range, and as far as I can tell, the prompt to activate the dome doesn’t even pop up unless that’s the case. It used to require actual skill to find the monster. Sure, maybe it could get boring, but for the love of everything, at least it rewarded actual player ability, not just “press 4 to find monster.” And I’m sure some of the resounding advice will be to git gud, but honestly, making it so there’s basically only 1 way to play any given monster kinda removes what the game was about. I’m not saying make it so that way FT3 is super super easy again, but make like FT2 actually plausible. While all out brawling can be fun at S1 (basically only with Meteor Goliath and the Wraith honestly) I would like to see some sort of rewarding gameplay for trying to play smart. Otherwise it’s just a smash all your buttons simulator