Suggestion: Medic Revive Speed


Can we have it so that Medics Revive at something like 1/3rd or 1/2 the time it takes a Non-Medic to Revive?

It’s sort of supposed to be the Medic specialty asides from Healing right? (Or at least it is for Medic classes in other FPS Online Team games).


Medics can use their healing to revive from a safe distance. (Except in the case of lazauarus) I think that, that should be their “thing”. Do you think that “thing” needs a buff?


It already is. Many Medics can revive quickly from afar. They can actually heal a downed person to revive them really fast.

I think it would be a little bit unfair to monsters.


Wait so as Caira I can fire Healing Grenade to revive someone? Why wasn’t this explained earlier?


If you heal an incapped player to 100% of their incapped health, they get rezzed. I think its kinda intuitive myself, but I’m not sure why they wouldn’t outright explain it at some time.


So I been risking my life for nothing… :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking: “Why do I need to sit beside this guy? I have less armor than anybody!”

Well at least now I know. Thanks! :slight_smile:
They should have added it in the YouTube vid or something… “Your healing burst and healing weapons can revive downed teammates”. Or maybe if they did they didn’t do it often enough? Usually the YT vids just say: “Don’t forget to use your Healing Burst”.

They should make a video about just the Class Abilities!


It depends on the situation. Healing someone to revive them is safer but time consuming, whereas manually reviving them is quicker but riskier.


Wait. but is a Medic’s normal “E” revive faster than those of other classes? I feel like they all have the same length of time when using “E”?


They are all the same. Lazaurus is the only medic with a fast melee ranged rezz, which is his “2”, if I am not mistaken.


And he has a Weak Spot rifle that reveals no tracer fire right? and he can also hide if he has the misfortune of being the last man standing, right? Interesting. :slight_smile:


I believe the monster can still tell directionality of damage he takes by a red indicator in the middle of his screen if he pays attention, but yes, I do not believe it has a particle effect left behind. While Lazaurus can hide, the monster can also find him. Hunters leave behind footprints which can be smelled and monsters can track hunters down even if they are a cloaked Lazaurus.


So what good is cloaking in this game?

(Starting to understand why Support Cloak Burst was changed to Support Shield Burst) :stuck_out_tongue:


Foot prints are hard to see, if you can see them in a combat scenario with 3 people shooting at you and a bunch of special effects going off (explosions, flamethrowers, lightning, ETC) without getting distracted or making mistakes, good for you. People actually view the removal of the cloak as a nerf, not a buff because “it was just so easy to find cloaked people”.

People were able to use their jetpacks to space out their footprints, so the monster has to actually find where they start as well.


Ah… I guess I misinterpreted the Monster “smell” ability. I figured it was an anti-cloak of some kind since it highlights everything around you.


But as for the visibility of cloaked players, you can see a player using their jetpack, you can see them while they are taking damage, you can see them when they use some of their equipment such as a gun, and you can faintly see their outlines at all times.


Not necessarily. Especially with Caira, if you get on it immediately you can basically instantly resurrect a downed player with four grenades and maybe, if you absolutely need to, the HB.

I’ve done it countless times, so have others.


Sounds like a good tactic, and I might have even done it by accident sometimes. :slight_smile: