Suggestion: Make Rockwall reflect your behemoth skin


Just felt like it would be a logical thing to do. Jade behemoth = Jade Rockwall. Ands so on.


That would be cool.


If my Obsidian skins get added, I want them to change the abilities. I want to see black obsidian glass pillars.


I really like this idea.


Ah yes.

Not sure who to bring this to attention to, so there’s that much.

Not a major thing, doesn’t bother me, but would be nice.


@macman @SlabOMeat This would be amazing


You have a behemoth skin? He’s not compatible with my bog monster, savage, or molten :frowning:


I’d really like this.


Don’t mind having a different colored wall, but I would not call it “logical” … The move feels like slamming the ground, causing it to rise and form a wall. It’s not an extension of Behemoth and does not “logically” needs to be the same color.

But then logic applied to a lava spitting, chameleion-tongued, rolling-rocky-monster …


I approve anyways. If Daisy gets a skin upgrade (Does Gobi?) then why shouldn’t the monsters!


It would make it more noticeable though. In some cases it helps that it looks like a normal rock (when blocking doorways and passages). I see no point in seeing a green rockwall. Besides the “sci-fi” logic indicates that it’s existing rocks from beneath the ground which the monster rises, not that he creates them out of thin air.

tl;dr: I don’t think it’s a good idea


PCMR preorder bonus.


Sadly, the developers have already said they won’t change skins per abilities. The only exception is Decoy because otherwise it would be to easy to figure out it was fake.


That would be a ridiculous derp move.

Can even imagine Caira and Hyde’'s voice here.

C : “Hey guys, wasn’t that wraith green ten seconds ago?”
H : “Don’t care, I’m gonna fucking melt her fucking chameleon skin anyway!”


That is something I actually agree with. I think it was brought up before, but it needs to happen.


Actually, he spreads seeds that grow “rocks”. You can see the particle trail when he slams the ground. Also: the wall doesn’t crumble, it disintegrates. It’s obviously hardened biomass from the Behemoth.

“So why isn’t it called Biomass wall?” Why isn’t the game called Metamorph? :cabot:

I like this idea


The current skin is called Jade. Its a green with a hint of yellow. Check the market place or in game store. For now previous skins won’t add on. It may change in the future or not.


Very cool

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They didn’t even do anything there. It’s just a copy-paste of the player’s model with an occasional flicker effect and then it despawns with an animation.

Jade rock wall, go.


Maybe one day, but they’re busy on balancing/new hunters/monsters to work that hard on the old ones too much. Especially cosmetics, as they don’t effect gameplay.