[Suggestion] Make aftershock hurt the kraken as well


In my last few games i have been destroying the hunters with aftershock
i believe its super OP and cant easily be countered. It decimates the assault shield thing leaving him exposed and hurts
the hunters more than half their life.

my suggestion is that aftershock damages the kraken a bit as well, or slows him, or some counter to the otherwise purely overpowered damage. That is all.


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Nerf the move that makes the air loving Kraken drop to the ground, that can easily be seen and boosted away from



No. Out of all the current monsters Kraken has had the lowest success in any of my lvl 30+ games mainly because of the fact that he is a fat target that cant get peace for any sake. Besides. Aftershock can just be dodged with a single jet boost.


Aftershock is pretty easy to avoid and a risky move to use.

You basically slow yourself down and make a target out of yourself.


make krakens worst move even more bad ? no thank you


The hunters you played against are bad. The move is fine. That is all.


No… just no…


I have one skill with all the monsters I never use… and Aftershock is the Kraken’s I want to stay airborn at all times and I can’t attack while using Aftershock, for the same reason I don’t take Fire Breath or Abduction if I miss my target I’m locked in the animation and can’t attack until it ends. I prefer just maxing out the other 3 skills and taking reduced cooldown


Lol I take aftershock over thunder


On the contrary I think the Aftershock should be like an EMP or cause disorienting effects to the hunters as a cool side effect.


i’ve literally never hit a non ai hunter with aftershock. If anything, it needs to be either a little more reliable, or i just need to git gud.


So you want to nerf the one ability that makes the Kraken extremely vulnerable, easy to avoid, and has an extremely long charge up.

Lightning strike at lvl 3 can almost one shot a hunter so that should be nerfed but wait it has a long charge up and is easy to avoid just like aftershock.

If the team is stupid enoguh to not jetpack away they deserve to be afetrshocked


Sorry dude, but this is a huge L2P issue on your part. Unless your movement and jetpack fuel management skills are bad, he can’t even hurt you with aftershock and any attempt to get you would result in a colossal waste of time (and health) for him.

Not sure if you noticed but if the Kraken’s using aftershock, he is unable to do anything else but channeling the spell for a short period of time. Your suggestion kinda is in the game, already…well except for the self-damaging part (which is just a downright terrible suggestion).


Not worst. Just the most situational one out of the 4. If they zerg you, or suck at movement, or you’re in close-quarters, you can absolutely wreck them with aftershock. Great skill if they force you to fight in melee range.


Wow that’s a first. I love Kraken, but aftershock is terrible as it is. Very little reward for a very high risk.


Lol no, I don’t even put points into aftershock anymore


This, Kraken is fine from what I have played (against and with).


yeah very situational thats what makes it so bad and when they gangbang you 1 well placed vortex followed by a lighting strikes usually solves any problems if you use aftershock they just move out of range

that ability makes you a slow moving nonflying target the only time that thing is usefull if you cc a hunter into a wall and follow up with it and i wont invest 3 skillpoints for that

aftershock cant even clear effectifly because it takes so long before the damage is applied, the more i think about that ability the worse it gets in comparison to the other 3