Suggestion | Local Co-op and LAN


I don’t know if this has been said or is planned, but, please, for the love of all things fun, include a versatile system for local co-op play on PC. In this I mean local split-screen co-op for the game. Any number on any combination of machines. 2 hunter on that desktop in your office, and 2 on the living room PC. Or 3 & 1, or 3 separate PC’s, one person on two different ones, and two people on the last PC with the Goliath on their own screen, or even sharing one with a Hunter (we can trust our friends not to peek right?). And let them all connect through LAN. I don’t know exactly what you guys are planning for multiplayer besides what is happening right now in the alpha, but please, give us some serious local co-op options. With small form-factor PCs and PC prices for decent hardware a little more than a Next-gen console, a lot of people will be playing this on their couch, and I cant think of what would be more fun than having 4 pals on one screen chasing our other mate in the next room.


pretty sure there is no local coop


I know you can invite friends into a custom made lobby, which should do everything you need as far as LAN is concerned if you have enough computers. That said, no splitscreen has been confirmed.


I heard no on split-screen, I’m sure @Chloe @DamJess or @MacMan could confirm that though.

I believe the reason is the environment is has so much going on in it, and that having to double that with splitscreen would be rather… Taxing on performance.


That’s exactly right.

@yellowkilo I can link you to the video that explains this if you want?