(Suggestion) Legendary skins, and new max level


So it’s been a while since I got to level 40, and got all the elite skins For the monsters, but it seems like now the game has gotten A little more boring. I was always like "yes, almost got the skin, or oh yeah level 38. So I was thinking we ad new skins and a new max level

                                                                           Level 50

Nothing to crazy, but I think we should bring the new cap level to like 50 or something.

                                                                  Legendary skins

If you have the elite skin for a monster, or hunter, you should be able to do certain missions to unlock a legendary skin. To get the elite skin you have to unlock all three levels of the character mastries, so this will act has a harder fourth one. And say in order to get the legendary skin you would have to like win 10 matches as behemoth without rolling, win 5 matching with only Melee moves, ect.

What do u guys thinks?


I believe there was talk at one point of raising the level cap in the future. That would also bring some new perks in the game. So yeah, chances are that might happen somewhere down the line.

As for your Legendary skins… I definitely agree you should have something to show for it if you really are one of the best in the world at your specific Hunter/Monster but I do not agree with your system. As it stands, the character masteries already gimp your play just to complete some (For example revive ones on the Medics. If you play it properly, your team’s not supposed to go down). So gimping it even more for a skin? No thank you.

But I think we’re then touching on another issues entirely: Better leaderboards. As for now, the main thing is really wins. Doesn’t matter how you got those wins, how good your opponents were, etc. It’s just all about wins. Personally I believe it would be a lot better if instead you got a rating system based off of the performance tab after the game. Something along the lines of an elo system, based off of how well you did compared to the global average divided by the time it took for the match to complete. This would be a much more accurate representation of actual player skill imo. And based on that, handing out “Legendary Skins” as you call them would be a lot easier and accurate.


Your objectives for the Legendary seem ridiculous to be honest. And they can’t add a new level cap because it’s tied to character perks and if they make more level they would have to make more perks.


Seems like you’d be able to game a system based on the performance tab. Wouldn’t it be better to just have a system based purely on quality of competition?


Quality of competition is a subjective matter. Some people will find certain players godlike while others perceive them as trash. Though if you’re insistent, you could also factor in the performance of your opponents in your elo gain/loss equation. That’s more complicated math though.


I don’t think that’s the case. Level is just a number, there’s no need for something to be unlocked in order to have a new level. New, higher levels would just be indicators of experience rather than providing any advantage or cosmetic option, but that’s fine.


‘subjective’ in a sense, but the various equations used for systems like these are based on actual wins and losses and not at all about peoples opinions of certain players. Also there are several methods for this, all of which are well understood and implemented in a wide variety of games, so I don’t think the implementation can be considered challenging.


Yeeees, but like I said, systems based on wins and losses are trash if you want a representation of skill. Right now, the leaderboards only show who’s invested the most time in the game, not who’s the best player. That isn’t the point of leaderboards imo. As such, the most accurate representation of how well someone does in a game that we have access to right now is their performance based off of the global average divided by the time it took for the round to complete. Granted of course you scale all numbers of the performance tab to equality first. A value between 0-100 let’s say.


that’s because the current leaderboards don’t have a rating system, they just keep track of w/l. There are several available systems that would use these data to rate players according to the quality of those wins, i.e. heavily weight victories over tough opponents and minimize impact of wins over poor opponents. That’s how basically every rating system works actually, and it’s not completely without controversy but i don’t think you’ll find many people anywhere who would support factoring in arbitrary noise data like how much damage you did with your laser cutter.


Ehm… Exactly how do you think they measure that “quality” of the win? That’s right, relative values of the player’s performance compared to the average player’s performance. The more players, the more accurate that rating system, but it all comes down to the exact same thing.


wrong. it’s the relative value of the involved players’ ratings, the ‘average’ player does not even factor in.


Average comparisons are nonsense for this. Legendary skins yes, more levels yes, average comparisons as a basis just no. They are only remotely relevant for assault and even then assault’s damage is highly related to how good the trapper is. judging a trapper based on damage is crazy when it doesn’t consider things like dome positioning, cc number of domes. The only way to rank players is based on opponents skill. There have been a number of threads on how other games do this.


Ranked Game Mode Skins

Playing in Ranked Mode requires a minimum level so in theory competition is tougher and prevents boosting in Solo and adds credibility to the skins.

You get the skin for reaching a certain score over time. Think of it like when they tally up your score at the end of a match. Give all 3 things they measure equal weight so it is fair. This way a Hank that is doing damage isn’t punished for not shielding if their team can dodge.

Example Hank Legendary Skin
Get 1,000,000 points
At the end of one match you do:

15k Laser Cutter
10k Shield Projector
7k Orbital Barrage


9k Laser Cutter
12k Shield Projector
11k Orbital Barrage

Either way, that’s 32k toward the Legendary Skins. By not focusing one one particular skill you don’t have to worry about playing a certain style or compromising team dynamics. You just get rewarded for good play in a high level setting.


you must be fun at parties :smirk:


Lol I’m too good for parties :wink:


Ok I see a few comments about the requirements for the skins. For I wanted to say this, this just were just examples, I could not think of the ones I would us to I just through Thease out for a base example.


That’s actually a pretty good idea


This sounds like an amazing idea.

Here’s my suggestion for Val:
Challenge 0: Get Elite Val of course.

Challenge 1: Heal a total amount of 100,000 health.
Challenge 2: Tranquilize a monster (can occur in the same game) 250 times.
Challenge 3: Prevent a teammate from being incapacitated 100 times.

Finishing the first 3 challenges would grant you a new skin, and your crown background would be golden instead of red in a lobby. (I think it’s a crown… you know, the red thing beside your name. Correct me if I’m wrong please.)

After these challenges have been completed, you would unlock 1 final legendary challenge.
Final Challenge: Heal a total of 500,000 health.

Finishing that challenge would grant you a new skin, and your crown background would be purple with green emitting from it.


I like it, I’ll see if I can come up with a good one for the monsters


The only potential issue I see is one of the things people said about the unlock system. Unnecessary grinding that may hinder your team in the competitive environment.

Your challenges 1 & 3 are ok, those are things a medic usually does just by playing their role. But challenge number 2 may cause medics to focus on tranqing instead of healing, causing unnecessary loses. You see it in PUBS all the time, that’s why most players grind in single player to prevent themselves from annoying their teammates.

Many people already don’t like the grind, some things don’t fit their play-style. I may be a killer defensive hank but cant hit the broad side of a barn with the laser cutter. Why should I have to put endless hours grinding out something I’m rarely going to do again, or sacrifice my teams performance all for the sake of the grind. Just make them easier to get by playing well, not necessarily doing one specific thing at a time.