Suggestion- just for fun, not balance. =D


So what’s the most satisfying thing ever as a Hunter? Barraging Daisy as she begs for a revive, feeding Daisy to the Kraken, knocking Daisy over with explosions, calling Daisy fat, leading Daisy into acid and trying to get her to stay there…All of these, yes. But another thing is seeing the monster’s health bar MELT. When you get a good Barrage, when you get a good sync with the Damage Amp, when you make an excellent Assault play, when you land headshots on a weapsot, etc. It’s a LOT of fun to see the white take over that bar. Sadly melts like that don’t happen very often, right? Sooooo.

Every time you damage a monster, the white bit shows up, and after a little while, it disappears. So why not let the white bits stay on the bar longer? I was just in an Arena game as Parnell against a Bob and I felt like I was doing no damage.

I did over 50k damage.

I realized that it felt like that because the health bar was only going white a little bit before resetting. I never got that uber fulfilling super duper gg no re feeling even though I was doing catastrophic damage.

If you let the bar stay white for longer, then as you add more damage, it gets bigger. So instead of seeing it go white a tiny bit, then disappear, a tiny bit of white again, etc, it would be an ever growing bar of white. :smiley: You’d FEEL like you were doing more damage but you actually wouldn’t be.

I know it could get annoying if it was on there too long but it doesn’t need to be. It could just refresh when you add more of your damage.

So how about this for a tweak? Is it a really bad idea? Yes! Am I an idiot? Undoubtedly! Is Daisy fat? Hell to the yes!



Y-y-you monster :cry: I don’t approve and I will call PETA on you.

As to the rest of the idea, great.


You know she’s fat. Look at her. Look at that mass of flab and grease. LOOK AT IT.

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I’m not going to argue that… I guess, but the rest of it… Makes me cri

How can you be so cruel :cry:


Yeah I approve of this, as long as the colour was good differentiation (as it currently is) then it can’t hurt too much to leave it on until damage has been stopped for a little longer


Why do you hate Daisy so much MidnightRoses? :cry:


Because she’s Daisy.

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Thats why we love her though. :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure that the TRS team coded Daisy to be annoying if Roses is on the team. I am normally fine with Daisy, one match with her and Roses in the same map and suddenly Daisy is being an arsehole.

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Its because Daisy can smell the hate coming from her. :stuck_out_tongue:


Isn’t that just the TRS team being an arsehole by coding Daisy to be an arsehole when I’m around?

Daisy is fat. End of story.


I think you’d be afraid of Daisy very much, if TRS… Gave her a rabbit skin O.o


That’s the day I quit Evolve.


Off topic but wasn’t there a crazy overpopulation of rabbits in Australia? I may be wrong, it was a long time ago I heard this so be gentle if I am wrong. :smile:


I think so…


Not in Sydney, thank god. Mainly out of town, rural areas. Tonnes of the Satanic little f-faaaaaaartberries. >.<

Anyway. Topic.


Yes… But a disease basically dropped their numbers extremely low :cry:

(oops, sry >.<)

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The more of those that die, the happier I am.

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Just so I can say on topic stuff, I wouldn’t mind this. It all ways felt weird not see chunks of health drop when fighting with Parnell.


I’ve noticed this too whilst playing Parnell. It feels like the monsters health is barely going down, even during super soldier, yet i end up with like 46k damage.