Suggestion/Idea to help with behemoths traversal

I think its relatively widely agreed that Behemoths traversal is a bit wonky. You bump some wildlife. Or a small rock. Or hit a crack. Or a pixel, and suddenly youve lost all momentum and have to use a lot of time making it back up.

I know “collision” can be a rather daunting thing to tackle from a coding perspective.


Behemoths acceleration rate was altered, depending on how fast he was going a moment ago.

Were you going TOP speed .5 of a second ago? Your acceleration is now X% faster than normal.

Were you going 75% “top speed” .5 of a second ago? Your acceleration is now (.75)X% faster than normal.

Etc, and etc.

Obviously this might or might NOT be feasible with evolves coding- But if feasible, might be a “new angle” that could help bring some “quality of life” for poor ol bob

I believe this could possibly help a LOT with the “hiccups” he gets bumping into shit- This way even if you bump into something and come to a stop, if you WERE going “Fast” before hand (within a small but reasonable window), you can accelerate quickly back to speed, instead of slowly building the momentum back up.

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