[Suggestion] Highlight Deployables for Hunters


Just thought I’d post this before signing off.

Basically, things like harpoon traps and sentries should be far more noticable for the hunter team, which would help people more readily know where to retreat to if things go south. It’d certainly help new players know where to go in a fight. And yes, they should be highlighted through obstructions as well.

Speaking about pubs for the most part here, it’s not OP or anything, and it would help clear a crap load of confusion.


I think people would still ignore them, i try to ping mine locations after saying ive put them down for the medic being focused on/any char as it is now so they can get to them but they dont get what i mean.


Probably, but I’m sure it would help a decent amount of people.


While @FierySlayer117 has a good point, I’m in full agreement for having your teams deployables highlighted. When you’re busy killing the monster and concentrating on dodging his attacks, you tend to forget the exact locations of ALL your emplacements.

It’s like when I play Maggie. I setup a spread of harpoon traps so that the medic/support have a place to fall back to. Sadly though, I can’t remember the exact placement because I’m concentrating on not dying, so I have to vaguely tell the medic or support to run where I ping.

In the medic/supports shoes, I know for the fact that they’re praying to the Evolve gods that I’m right. Otherwise, it can easily cost them their lives and the game as a result. The highlight system wouldn’t have to be revealing deployables at all times either. Just something as innocent as 30-60m (half to full dome distance).

Giving highlights to deployables will make it much more manageable to direct fellow hunters where to run for your setup points, and eliminates the possibility of confusion and frustrating mistakes.


I think they show up on the map too but people barely use that and this would be easier/better.


I play medic alot and I only ever know where mines are… and monsters aren’t exactly gonna turn around to avoid mines. So… ya agreed.


yep would rly help i cant even see those red shiny mines when iam stucked in a bling bling supernova or when i get vortext to the other side


I would be for it, but I think it was mentioned somewhere that it’s intentional.


They show up on the map


+1 for this idea, I think it’s great.


I think it’s a good idea, and would help people coordinate better… but isn’t the point of the game to use teamwork? If so, they should use voice chat to say ‘Lead it into my mines! Over here!’ sort of thing. Granted, typing that isn’t very easy… but still, I can see why they wouldn’t include this feature.