Suggestion: Game Lobby / Information about Details/Numbers of Skills, Maps etc


Wow, that Post got really long! Thanks for reading in Advance :slight_smile:

1 Lobby after the Game

  • Give us the “After Game Map” again. With a Chat Lobby and the Stats of the entire Team. Show us the perks the other players used and the Skills the Monster levelled.

  • I think the Map is still there, you can see it for a few seconds after an individual Game, but it disappears because of the timers. So, please no timers after a game.

  • Give us an Option to shut down this Stat Show that i can only see for myself. Put all the Info into the Map Screen.

  • A Revanche Button. If a player denies it, he will be replaced by a new one.

2 Lobby before the Game

  • There area few times where the Game isn’t starting although 5 Players have already been found.

  • A real Chatroom that you can see all the time till the game is starting.

  • Make the Monster chat to /all automatically

  • If a Player left the Lobby, give a prompt to choose if you want to stay in the Game, but think of short disconnects. Give it a short Timer. Send always a prompt if you want to start the game with #number of Bots.

3 Information about the Characters / Perks

  • Give us Numbers. How much Health does each character have? How much dmg is this Weapon doing? How much is the change through my perks? How long till the Jetpack recharges? etc.

  • Give a more detailed Text about the Skills and a short Video of it. You could show it when a player put their mouse over the Skills in the Character selection.

  • Give us the information about the levels of the Perks. Show us the Values of all 3 Levels!

  • Put all these information into the Character screen of the players Account.

4 Information about the Maps and Buffs

  • Where is which Wildlife present? Maybe some green Dots for the Monster or the Hunters too.

  • Where are the Power Ups and which power up will i get if i kill and eat this? Not in a running game, on a little Map in the Character selection.

  • Give a choice if you want to overwrite your current power up.

  • A Map explore Mode. You can fly around like a spectator and set the game timers for the Buffs. Maybe even marked routes for the Monster for the most food or other things.

  • A Big thing would be to show the spawn time, location and kind of buff to Monsters and Hunters. This would be game changing! Don’t know if it will be good or bad. Please think about it.

5 Testing Chamber

  • Give us an individual Game without Bots.

  • A “Testing Chamber”. A really small Map for the sole purpose of testing things. For Example, a hunter will get a small room with an unkillable Monster that is just standing still. In this Chamber, you can use every Character and every Perk.

I think that are enough suggestions for one post. Thanks for Reading!