Suggestion for Wraith


So, I think Wraith is in at least a decent spot. Still hard to play, still annoying to fight. Don’t want to suggest/ask for changes TO the Wraith…

When you’re leveling Wraith masteries, which i should have done quite a long time ago but was lazy and also it was Wraith… >_>, 2-star Supernova asks for 121,000 damage dealt to Hunters.

there’s also 20 grabs on airborne hunters, which is fine, do around 40k damage to Hunters with decoy, which is also fine, and damage multiple targets (not hunters…) 57 times. which is fine.

But per match if i use Supernova i can get around 8k damage if i’m going to kill Hunters. even the A.I. (this is including damage dealt to wildlife… my bad. it’s closer to around 4k/6k lows/highs)

So my suggestion is simply to lower the 2-star supernova requirement to normal levels and not the level of damage you were expecting Supernova to output when the Wraith was released.

Pretty please? @MacMan



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bump, @MacMan

Just wanna make sure you have a chance to look at it ^^ I’m still working on moving past 2-star Wraith masteries. Nearly finished everything but supernova (don’t have a lot of time to play or i might even have supernova done)