Suggestion for Wraith re-tuning


After the last patch, the Wraith had a lot of its power redistributed from Supernova and Decoy into Warp Blast. This has lead to a lot of one-dimensional play, where all you’ll ever see is warp blast and abduction. So, I’ve proposed some ideas to make the other half of the Wraith’s abilities more viable.

Warp Blast:
Reduce level 1 radius by 5%
Reduce level 2 radius by 10%
Reduce level 3 radius by 15%

It’s fine, but work on the hit detection.

Reduce the damage by 15% on all levels
Increase the duration by 2 seconds on all levels

This will be the biggest change. Supernova’s new duration made it mostly worthless, while its old duration made it much too powerful. So, in order to make a middle ground and make it more useful but also more tactical, I recommend changing the scaling for the levels so that adding points to Supernova increases duration, while giving it a fixed, small radius. This would make it dangerous, and synergise better with Abduction, while making it easily dodgable.