Suggestion for Water Stuff (Not underwater stuff)


I keep seeing people making posts about Water Monster Ideas or whatever they think of, but ultimately the idea of making a monster that only works underwater is incredibly unlikely, and frankly, a little silly considering the amount of time and effort that would be needed.
However, because there seems to be a desire for it, I can think of a couple of ways to make something work for it.
So, all maps have some kind of water feature, so it would not be impossible to create a monster that still interacts with it. This being said, the thought comes across that some maps have significantly less water than others, and I will talk about that shortly.

First off, the monster. The monster, whatever it may be, wont be a fish. But, it could potentially be at a great advantage if there is water in the Dome’s area, or could just interact with it in a cool way. These are just some ideas I thought of that could be neat:

  • The Monster has a swimming passive, allowing faster movement through water. This would be good in the river on Distillery, or great for pond hopping in Weather Control, or Orbital Drill.

  • The Monster is able to effectively hide in water, submerging itself like some kind of Crocodile or Frog, with the eyes just visible on the surface so as to avoid that invisibility effect.

  • The Monster is empowered while standing in water, be it with stronger attacks, or it just gets additional Armor regen. Like the thing they did in that Percy Jackson movie.

Secondly, the Water Themed Map. It can’t be underwater or an island because that would make many of the Monsters/Hunters unplayable, and 3D underwater things are generally just pretty bad anyways. So, here are a couple ways to give a map the water, but not break the game:

  • A thick swamp map - Lots and lots of water with many small muddy islands that criss-cross through the muk. This would couple well with a water themed Monster, but skilled monsters would also be able to move around the map leaving minimal footprints. However, this wouldn’t be so OP because the map itself would be relatively flat so hiding would be difficult, but it would have lots of large trees and plant life so stealth isn’t impossible.

  • A wide river map - The map would be pretty standard, but the unique and watery aspect comes in as a large river that flows through the middle of the map. The river could have several rocky islands or go through a cave or something so that it isn’t just a huge open space. Or it could be an open space to make hiding difficult there, or a wonderful arena pit for epic fights or a nice Dome trap Hunters could set up for the Monster.

  • A long beach map - The map would be sectioned into two biomes. The coastline, and the jungle, similar to the jungle/desert setup on Wraith Trap. The edge of the map would go a little out to sea, still in shallow water, with large rocks to spice it up. The water monster would have to make interesting decisions here, as it could gain the benefits of the coast but its position could be easily predicted, or it could lose that advantage for stealth and abundant food in the jungle.

And finally, the problems that come with a water themed monster/map. Obviously, this Monster would suffer dramatically on dry maps like Wraith Trap. So, to fix this, the vote to change map could be replaced with the Monster being able to veto the first map ONCE. This would be viable even without a water Monster, as Monsters are already effected by map more than Hunters, and this would allow them another try for one they want, or they could get stuck with one that is worse.

Please, comment on what you think.


an interesting idea. I like the idea of a giant frog monster, or an aboleth maybe?


I can just imagine it now, the hunters run through the swamp in search of the monster. One of the hunters is straggling behind, and something in the water catches his eye. He stops, looks, and with a roar and a splash he is dead and a colossal frog leaps away.

With the Tyrant gone for now, a player doing it would be pretty cool

P.S. If my D&D days have taught me anything, its that an Aboleth would make one hell of a Monster


Amazing concept but it does sound extremely hard to work around. The only monster in the game to work off the environment (excluding mountainous and closed off areas). I do not know, I am torn on this subject. I really think a new monster with a unique way of traversal and play ability would be great, like this monster sounds ground lurking like the behemoth which is awesome. But I know TRS sacrificed a lot of the legacy concepts so that Stage 2 could be a more balanced and fun game to play. Not saying this monster would not be fun, but it definitely does affect balance and play ability.

It definitely is possible but this would be the first monster to get an actual environmental passive that could affect the tide of battle. At least with Gorgon’s cool wall cling, it’s just being a cutie hanging around still doing it’s things. Then with this cool amphibious monster, it can move, hide and hit harder (in your concept) in water, which no other monster in the game has a passive like that.

And those map designs? I would love it just to see some more variety I love it. Very good thought put into this concept. All in all though, I think TRS could make this work and maybe, just maybe, if they really do move the tyrant back in, associate some tactics around it? Making the water a truly dangerous place to be.

Lastly, I would love to see what an Aboleth design in monster form would be. Who knows what Shear would transform them into.


Monsters should be allowed to hide underwater for small period of time, also waterfalls with caves to surprise hunters would be a blast