Suggestion for TRS - Rename your Season Passes (PLEASE READ)

This is only an advise from an user that loves your game, to help you. Guys of TRS, there is a lot of people complaining about the two Season Passes of Evolve, and when I say a lot of peple, I mean a lot of people. So the game is getting even more bad feedback. So I think the solution is simple, just rename the Season Passes, don´t name it “Season Pass” anymore, just rename it: “Hunting Pack 1 & 2” “Character Pack 1 & 2” or something like that. Because people doesn´t like more than one season pass on a game, but they don´t care about “Map Packs” or “Weapon Packs” or “Character Packs”. And if in a future you create new hunters and monsters (I hope this will happen), and you call it “Hunting Season 3”, and you call it “Season Pass” again, people will throw you more shit and bad feedback on your game and even less people will buy the game and the DLC´s.

Thanks you for reading.


That’s all the marketing department’s job. I.e- 2K. Speaking with the devs I hear that they have little away in such matters.

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It’s called “Hunting Season 1” and “Hunting Season 2”
Regardless of the name, people need to learn to read the contents before buying anything.


^ THIS ^


Almost every thread I go in you’ve posted this gif…

Gifs are amazing.

However it’s slightly annoying when people copy and past “In b4 lock” gifs on almost every thread.

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It’s sad that people have to have their hands held when buying something. The passes clearly state what’s included. At no time did those passes that they would be good for every piece of content that ever comes out. Why is this such a hard concept ?


It’s awesome. It’s art. You just don’t understand it.

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I’m assuming that you also need the, “caution hot” statements in coffe cups?

Ever think of checking the contents?

It’s called a “Hunting Season.”

Not a year pass.

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As someone who doesn’t play a lot of videogames, I have never heared of this thing called “season pass”.

So when this season pass thingy appeared in Evolve store I did not know what it is. Luckily for me, there is a description of it right there in the store: 4 new hunters. Sweet, that’s what I wanted so I bought it.

What’s the big deal?


A bit too late for this isn’t it? But either way those brainwashed idiots who complain about it are completely delusional and no matter what TRS or 2K will do at this point, those youtube zombies will twist the truth to suit their delusions. And yes marketing is mostly a responsibility of 2K, and in my opinion they ruined Evolve’s reputation before it even came out… with all those mixed messages and the way they present information.

So when you sell a hamburger and use a stock photo of a perfect hamburger, you tell them it’s a cheese bacon hamburger and sell it for 7 dollars/euro. You wait for 15 minutes and get a shitty bun, horrible meat and half a slice of bacon with plastic cheese you tell me this is a correct way to sell your product?

No it isn’t. You wanna tell me that if you internet provider sells you higher internet speeds ‘up to’ 100mb and you fire it up for the first time and get stuck at 20mb, you call that fair? Because they told you the speed CAN be up to 100mb?

It’s called manipulation, selling crap. This game did the same thing. If season passes are a cheaper ticket to all DLC and you call your “not so much season pass” the “hunting season pass”. You can defend it all you want. This is first class marketing manipulation and the jerk who thought of this is a pro. I work in the same industry and I scold people who do this shit. They are ruining the industry with their greed for money. It’s like freaking youtube and using bikini models to sell your cat video’s. Bah


Didn’t it already got renamed to “Hunting Season 2” without the pass.

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Your analogies are really, really fallacious. A straw man argument, if anything.

You used a variable contract analogy to justify something that very clearly has content information on what it was.

It is both lazy and inane to not read the contents of something being purchased.


It is both lazy and inane to not read the contents of something being purchased.

A lot of the drama wouldn’t be so blown out of proportion if people had read the item description in their purchases. TRS or 2K did not lie to them, people just didn’t freaking read the item description. XD


I mean. It’s like someone putting money into a parking meter that says, “$1 per hour…except Sundays and holidays.” And then complaining about wanting their money back because it is Sunday…


Exactly. #99char

Your analogies make no sense.

If I buy a Bacon Cheese burger and I get a Hamburger with Bacon and Cheese then I got what I paid for.

My ISP sells me speeds of up to 24mb down, and usually I get about 22-23.5. I got what I paid for.

The Hunting Season Pass, regardless of the name, only ever covered the four T4 Hunters, and came with three Magma Skins for the original monsters. Nobody manipulated anyone. If you buy something sight unseen knowing there is no refund, the onus is on you. Not the seller.


I see you already covered it. :smile:

I toned them down for the average person to understand. This is simply reading the small letters under your contract. Yes they are there, yes you need to read them, but it doesn’t make it a little cheap. Most people don’t read it, most people don’t look at it and most people will see the words ‘season pass’ in one sentence and think it is a actual season pass.

“Hunting season”
“Season pass”
“Hunting season pass”

My analogies, things that actually happened to me and I got pissed about as well, are different variations of the same marketing trick. It confuses people and it didn’t happen by accident. Defending this with the argument “you should read it first” is the same thing as buying guarantee for your television and forgetting that list of situations of bs arguments that make your guarantee claim invalid.

I got the Digital Deluxe edition so I already got what I paid for. I already got the hunting season pass, but got confused when I realized it doesn’t include T5. Eventhough it would make absolute sense to sell the ‘hunting seasons pass’ to include ALL hunters, even T5 maybe T6 in the future.

I understand if they split the hunters ‘season pass’ and the monsters ‘season pass’ but this is just a trick.

So you can tell me to read the small letters, or… you should see that this is class A manipulation and it confuses people. ANY marketeer should know that creating confusion for a short term money gain is REALLY bad for long term investment. Evolve, with its current playerbase is already the result of that. Their marketeers should seriously get fired, because it is absolute rubbish. Defend it all you want, I wish you good luck in the industry with your attitude.

As a consumer you are not responsible for reading the small letters. Companies ignore your opinion already, they are the ones that should focus on making the experience as clear and obvious as possible. When they don’t do this you can make sure you as a consumer know what you buy, but this should not be the case. Good marketing is crystal clear communication and an experience that isn’t build on company greed, but on the satisfaction of the consumer. If you give them something, they will give you something.

Evolve with its current player base showed pretty clear what happens if you don’t. The name of the ‘hunting season pass’ is just a small example of that. And yes, I puke on those marketing strategies because I see companies go down in a year time because (pardon my directness) ‘idiots’ make these calls.