Suggestion for Solo Evacuation


I like playing with certain hunters on my team when I’m playing offline Evacuation. I like playing with Caira, Cabot, Abe, and Hyde when I’m mastering a hunter which means I have to go in and customize my team before a match. After the first day, the hunters on my team reset to the default Val, Hank, Maggie & Markov and I have to go in and customize the other 3 classes back to the other members of the “Dream Team”.
This isn’t that much of an issue. It gets a little cumbersome and the time spent changing the hunters back adds up when you’re grinding out hunter mastery. Or if I’m playing as the Monster, I hate going against Hank because the shield gets in my way. He’s a part of the Default 4 so he’s always going to be on the team before a match starts. I encounter the same thing switching him out every time.

Could you guys make it to where my party customization remains stagnant and persists through each match without me having to go in and change it back every time?
It’d save me a lot of time.