Suggestion for Skirmish

Skirmish is doing very poorly… it’s taking forever to find a match on PC even during peak hours. Instead of lumping Hunt 1.0, Arena, and Defend together, why not give us the choice of what we want to play via a map/mode vote from ALL the modes on a random map. It works for so many other games, why not Evolve?

While I’m at it, I think it would be cool to have the class selection each map like Hunt 2.0.

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Sorry for the late reply.

I don’t see what you’re trying to suggest. You want a vote system for gamemodes?

Look the entire match making system is complete and utter shit and has been since launch. The entire things needs a total overhaul, but 6 months later and I haven’t seen that yet - so yeah. I doubt they’ll care to change anything.

You need a dose of positive attitude my friend! We’ll get there. Do you even KNOW what it’s like to work on a game where 900 people all want different things? :stuck_out_tongue:

At this point they need to create a priority list and deadlines. Knock out what’s hurting the game. At this point no matter of balance or adjustments are going to bring back players. One of the biggest reasons why no one plays this game anymore is because it’s difficult to get into a game to play in the first place. Then need to Fix Matching. They’ve ALWAYS needed to fix Match Making. It was a DAY ONE problem, and it’s still a problem 213 DAYS later.

It takes about one minute to get into a match.
Halo 4 takes 10 minutes and has a bigger playerbase.

Wow, if only that were true for Monster Players. My god, I’ve been bitching about Monster Match Making since day-1 for a reason. Please stop looking at it only from a Hunter point of view, you know – like the developers. And don’t you dare be the 100000th person to say “Just shut up and play a hunter” because that’s not a solution.

Monster mm is fine for me. :confused:

Hes saying let the game pick the map, then let players vote on what mode they want to play on it. Wouldnt work for defend, but it would be nice as long as they added nest (and I guess rescue) to the choices.

Nobody plays rescue.

I what mode exactly? I never play monster on Skrimish, it never gives me the role. I’m 4 Star Silver on Ranked Hunt 2.0, so I never get a game their either. So what are you talking about?

Hunt 2.0

Yeah but lets just put it in there to be well rounded with the current suggestion. Rescue can be like a third party: a waste of a vote.

Yeah it takes 20 minutes to match, and more often than not against the same team I just played against in the match before. Yeah, no thanks. I don’t mind waiting, that’s not the issue. Just clearly no one is playing on my tier and I’m stuck there. There is no “no ranked” hunt mode for me to relax in.

You speak wisely my friend.

But anyhoo, I’m mostly playing against bots atm to warm up from my break.