Suggestion for Kraken Aftershock ability


What about a slight stunning effect slowing the hunters for a period of time, or perhaps it distorts the hunters screen for a brief moment to allow the kraken the ability to reposition?
As it currently is the Kraken very rarely wants to be close to the hunters, let alone be on the ground. And most Kraken players don’t usually choose aftershock. If they do its used as a utility skill to spam when the other abilities are on cooldown.
I suggest keeping it as a utility skill to assist the Kraken at close ranged combat. I don’t think he needs any more damaging capabilities. If he does choose to take a close fight this doesn’t buff the ability statistically damage wise. But it does give the ability a utility factor such as vortex which is currently used for ranged combat, where as a melee style Kraken can choose this for close range combat.


I don’t think that Kraken needs more CC abilities… really… no more…please.
A vortex that makes you fly 200 meters is enough… okay?
Thank you.


Just lower the time it takes to arm, it’s way too easy to dodge.


i dont think aftershock needs a buff. this ability is very powerful and easy to use. trust me aftershock lvl 3 at stage 2 is op.


I actually learned to love aftershock when its lvl 3 because at that point it gains big enough AOE for me to hit with it reliably. However anything lower than lvl 3 and AOE is too easy to dodge. So a more simple change would be to increase its lvl 1 AOE and keep maximum the same.


If they changed anything with Aftershock (Aside from the bug of it not destroying mines/poon turrets) is I would love to see a slight pull while casting it (So that the nearby hunters are pulled in) and then when they are damaged a small knockback to clear your area. I would also lower damage by 5-10% for the extra effects.