Suggestion for info Overlay HUD on dropship


Instead of showing pictures of certain weapons (Jack’s repulsor, Sunny’s jet pack gun, Kala’s arm) with a brief description, just show pictures of how to /use/ them.

Have a picture of Jack standing in front of the Goliath blocking it, to emphasize his importance of staying ahead of the monster.

Sunny boosting another player, using lines to symbolize movement for the second character.

Have Kala removing armour by partially removing the outline of a monster, so people see this as less of a weapon, and more of a tool. This is for people who need to see Kala’s arm doesn’t do much damage when there is no armour to strip.

I understand it’s to show that this weapon does this type of ability, but people only have 5-7 seconds to see that thing and NO ONE should be trying to read their semi-paragraph description of their weapon that way.

Keep it as brief and simple as possible, words clutter. Pictures explain better.