Suggestion for Hanks Shield (Target Other Hunters With Keybind)


I have played the game in the Alpha and Beta with a lot of different people and a lot of friends. Those who played Hank noticed sometimes that they would want to target a specific hunter but would accidentally target the hunter next to them. We had a lot of discussions about that topic and we came up with the ability for Hank to cycle through nearby hunters with a set keybind (Right Mouse) or whatever the player chooses to set it too.


Sounds nice but i don’t think there is a need for it.Simply because the hunters should always be spreaded.If you are not then it doesn’t matter how many shields/heals are used you are going to fail.
So it sounds good but leaving it the way it is teaches the hunters to be spread which is a good lesson to be learned early on


This is part of Hanks balance in my opinion. Hanks shield is extremely strong and the skill shot aspect to its targeting helps not make it over powered, if hunters are bunched up it is harder to shield the one you want.
Bunching up as the hunters is always a bad idea, and lots of mechanics punish it. Part of the strategy of the beam abilities is taking high ground so you can easily target who you want correctly.


I think Val and Hank would greatly benefit from a feature like this.

There needs to be, at long ranges, a VERY definitive effect letting the Medic/Hank know whom they’ve attached the beam to. If there are other classes in the immediate vicinity, then right clicking while deploying the shield should cycle to the next.

That being said, this should not be an auto-aim function. It should not turn Hank/Val to the location of the next player class they cycle through and auto-lockon. This should require general aiming, and then that optional function to ensure you have the right person targeted.

+1 Good idea, @kky


They do yell things like

“I got you covered, Mags!”
“I got you support, you’re not gonna die!”


Right now, the system is just plain wrong.

Saw Val’s medgun prioritise reviving Daisy on a Stage 3 fight instead of healing Maggie. @PeirsPryce on the monster, and he was very close to victory because of it. Just made a mistake and disengaged too fast.



Yeah. In the UI world, these are audible cues. And they are great for immersion, but you do have to first wait for them to say the whole line, process it and know “OK, Hank said ‘I got you Medic.’, so I have the wrong person” There’s a bit of a cognitive and motor load with that which even though may only take you a second to process, is considerably a larger time than some large class-colored icon appearing immediately over the head of the player you are healing.

With that feature, you could know “I want to heal assault, assault is red. The icon that came up is blue. Right click until I see red.”

Many times with UI/UX, you can use multiple different mechanics to aid the player in understanding what they see and doing what they expected to have happened.


If you have issues locking beams on a specific target, then your team is probably doing it wrong. If this incident happens that probably means your team is too bunched up togheter. You should always spread out as much as possible.