Suggestion for Global Averages


So personally, I find Global Averages to be the only really interesting numbers in the post-game screens; masteries and awards are just stuff you accumulate over time, and don’t really show if you’re improving or not as a player. With averages though, you can know how much better (or worse) you’re doing with any given tool.

The glaring problem of course is that how much damage you do or how much you heal or shield varies HUGELY depending on how long the match goes; this renders the current average system as more or less meaningless.

HOWEVER, this could be completely fixed if the game simply separated averages by how long a match went. To make it easy you could simply divide up each average by minute; aka, if your match lasted 11 minutes, the post-game screen would say “Global averages for an 11 Match:” then show you the three numbers.

I’m guessing this would take more work than it’s worth for TRS, but it would be very cool and would be hugely helpful, as there really isn’t any way to tell how well you’re playing a given class (Masteries are just a grind and take no skill, leaderboards are just based on how long you’ve played, take no skill)


They said they were looking into having Damage per Minute type averages.


Oh really? Well that’s just excellent- very good to hear!


I have been wanting this for a long time and will be super excited when they finally implement it.


Do you know if there is any intention of adding a sub number or filter or something that shows how much damage you do to the monster in the post game screen ? Because in most game I end up killing several large wildlife creatures and lots of smaller ones to avoid damage when conserving jetpack fuel. It would be nice to know if I’m doing my job well or just murdering a bunch of wild life.


Not too sure tbh. There are a lot of things that have been requested, personally I want to see a list for training purposes that shows accuracy, amount of damage taken, number of jetpack dodges missed etc… But a lot of that is hard to track.


Accuracy and damage taken would be super cool as a metric after a game.

For the most part though I would assume it would not be that hard to track damage to monster as its already tracked for the 2nd star challenges for most of the hunters. I could be wrong though, anyways thanks for the response.


On a different angle for a suggestion for Global averages. Countering hackers and having accurate Global averages.

Could the Global averages be reset once a week. Or what would be even better is that each number that factors in the Global average only factors into the average for say 48hours or a week at most. This would mean the global average would never be 0 and always be a true average. This would also minimize the effect hackers have on the global average as each hack only effects it for a short time. Because Hackers are ruining the PC global averages.