Suggestion for game


Hi, it would be nice to see rewards that you could get for leveling up a certain amount of levels or completing certain feats, such as Dota 2 or battlefield. They could give us random skins and/or cosmetics because if there’s anything that makes a game good in my opinion it’s customization
This would also give people incentives to put more hours into the game and play as certain roles. I’m no expert but I can’t see it being too time consuming to change the monsters skin color. This is just good for thought anyway, I hope you read this and give it some thought, thanks


Well you already get improved perks for leveling up, but anything else to encourage people to play past level ten would be great.


yeah would be nice to see more cosmetics and such though. Would give a bit more variety and customization which is always appreciated.


Could add some skins for achieving in game accolades