Suggestion for DLC characters: Let us try them a few times


This game is already half MOBA half FPS. MOBA have free hero rotations on a weekly basis.

What if TRS takes a page from this book and lets us try the DLC monsters or hunters a few times in solo, or run a weekly rotation of free to play(but only in solo games)

It would help those people on the fence to say “Yes, i love this character” or “No, he/she is not for me” I think people would be much more likely to buy chars if they could try them, even on a limited basis.


What if you get some money. They won’t be releasing a new batch of hunters every week, there’s no need for a trial. Either buy it or don’t, they won’t be that expensive.


What cray says its kinda true.We won’t have DLC every week or every month.Hell even behemoth might take 1 or 2 months to come out after release even tho he is already shown.

But what might please you is that if you get into a match that someone left with any of the DLC chars you can take over the bot and play the DLC char for free.Sounds good to me


I think it would be awesome if there was a timed trial period for hunters or a monster DLC, like a demo. You get the monster for 12 or 24 hours to try before you buy.


Yeah. I bought the PC Monster Race bundle. I have money. Some of my friends aren’t so fortunate. So, get off your high horse. It’d still be a nice feature to have. No need to be a dick.