Suggestion for balancing


Remove the buffs that are given from the tier levels. They are unneeded to play the game, unneeded to win against the monsters/hunters, create big power disadvantages and make playing extremely stressful.


Buffs or perks? Perks are the small boosts you can choose pregame, Buffs are the ones you find on wildlife.
Which one we talkin here?


neither, I’m referring to the star buffs from leveling the character skills


Ohhh you mean Masteries.
Gotcha ^.^


Agreed. They are just motivation to grind more. That 1% makes a difference


yea, if you do some math most characters can enter a match with up to 30% extra to a skill when combined with the pregame perks. Add wildlife buffs and it gets even more ridiculous.


Yeah, in my 100% honest opinion I think all of it should just be brought down to a plain old hunt.
No perks.
No buffs.
No masteries.
Just strategy


agreed but sadly doubt it would ever happen. Hunter abilites are so ‘WTF’ that it makes “Hunt” more like 'Run the monster down with no strategy and then swarm around it while trapper and or medic keep it from doing the most basic things so that assualt and support can rain death down without a care in the world."


I hope ranked mode is something like this.


Same, although I think perks will be allowed, sadly…


Pretty much, its sort of just become “who can get the buffs fastest” and its just…eh


I don’t mind perks. Actually I think they add some nice strategy to the game, but not all perks should be permitted. For example Feeding Speed lets you eat faster than Laz can reload his rifle with a Mammoth Bird perk. >:(


Nuh uh, I have yet to lose a body to a feeding speed perk user, reload is lightning fast


^ Exaggeration.

But without the reload perk, it can. Had it happen to me a bunch of times, and it was baloney.


Ohhh do you’re a spammer, I take my shots methodically, round by round, right as he starts eating, that way there I don’t even have to reload :stuck_out_tongue:
Besides, where are your teammates in this time frame 0.o


Laz is countered easily. It’s what makes him so fun to have on your team though. ^.-


No, I am not. I do the same thing. One bullet every time he tries to bite…


I’ve recently been having a hard time understanding why most of the perks even exist when masteries do pretty much the same thing and combing the right ones only makes things harder for the other side. Now yes I can see some of them being useful but others…just no. Like why do the Hunters get Health Regen
Seriously watched a Parnell with it spamming SS and never going below a quarter health and being full by the time it recharged) but not the Monsters, why do the hunters get increased jump height but the monster get Stamina recharge(Would love to be able to jump farther with Goliath or have Behemoth’s roll go faster)


Because the game is a race for permanent damage. It would be ridiculous if the Monster could regen health, however slowly. How would you like it if Hunters had a perk that removed strikes over time?


Being able to jump faster/roll further/etc would make it too easy to dodge domes. Stamina has the same use, but doesn’t let you cheese.