Suggestion for Balance improvement - reviving through damage


So, since game launched, i’ve noticed a big swing from hunters winning to monsters winning. The mosters, especially kraken and wraith have a new tactic that seems a little…unbalanced, when they kill a hunter they spam their dead body, making healing/reviving impossible. For example, kraken stands at a distance and shoots his little lightning balls, and wraith activates supernova right on top of the body.

I believe the problem is when there is a dead hunter, if someone tries to revive them, including laz - if the hunter takes any damage - it cancels out the revive.

My suggestion is to allow hunters to revive, even if they take damage. It should be a rewarded sacrafice, if you stand there to revive a team mate and sacrifice some of your health, that should be allowed.

Your guys’ thoughts?


Sorry, but no. With Lazarus, Hunters could revive each other infinitely.

Also, I changed the topic to “Feedback”. I feel that this more closely fits into that category.


With Lazarus, that could be very annoying/OP. Lazarus’s device activates quickly anyway and it would not be a big sacrifice in the way of taking damage for him.

I don’t think its a correct remedy to the problem anyway.


Not when the monster eats some of your corpse - I should have added this to the original post - they eat some of your corpse, then laz cant revive.

Or another suggestion to balance laz in this case, is to have a cool down timer for the lazarus revivifier


Unless a corpse is fully eaten Laz can still revivify it. And there is a cool down, albeit a short one.


What would happen if the reviver gets knocked away? Does it cancel then? Because there is not much that does not knock away.


I’m fine with damage being sacrificed for reviving. However, knock back abilities should obviously still interrupt which will teach monsters to value of playing with more technique instead of just spamming abilities wherever they are off cooldown.

This pretty much makes Kraken ranged attack, fire breathe and supernova unable to interrupt revives bringing more value to the other plethora of abilities they have.


Then my suggestion is to allow monsters to destroy the relay and eat prey, even if they take damage. It should be a rewarded sacrafice. How about that?


A monster can only camp when it’s not being pressured. The hunters need to put damage on the monster while medic tries to get the revive off. When a monster is losing health they’ll reconsider camping or bring you closer to winning.

Make them pay for that strike they just got. It’s part of the permanent health system and should remain as it currently is. It’s accelerating fighting for my downed teammate or hoping I get that kill off to weaken the hunters. The whole idea you’re asking to get rid of is what creates epic fights.