[Suggestion] Fixing/Improving the leaderboards


The leaderboards maintain number of victories and number of deaths. This is fine, except it is being abused with the result of worsening the game experience for the general community, due to overly competitive individuals. What I am talking about, of course, is leavers.

People with a “pristine” record happen to be purposefully disconnecting whenever they get into a tight spot. They get caught before going into second evolution? Disconnect. They get dropped to 10% before third evolution? Disconnect. They do it to avoid getting deaths, which is the closest comparison to a loss. The result of this is that someone then gets connected into the vacated position with a terrible handicap to winning the match. It is not fun to either wait it out, nor is it fun to play out the probable loss since the AI isn’t the best at maintaining health in the first evolution.

I request that individuals who leave matches while in the game instantly acquire a death for whatever character they’re playing. If they want the convenience of always seeing a win screen, they’d best earn that rather than scumming their way to a perfect record.

For those that actually need to leave, it barely matters since a death isn’t all that important. For those that are abusing the system to maintain an impossible record, the leaderboards will more accurately portray their true capabilities and actually having a perfect record will mean something, unlike what there is at this time.


I think they said that they wanted to make it so disconnecting caused a loss, but it was so many topics ago that I’m not sure


The leader boards arent ranked based on K/D spread its all based on number of wins as monster / individual char etc.


Ah, that is good to hear. The related topics section nor search brought it up for me, so I felt it was necessary to do so.

“WLR” is the statistic I’m speaking about. If you’ve not noticed, there’s a laundry list of individuals that allegedly have never died or lost.with multiple monsters. The list begins sorted in order of number of victories, but other tabs can be selected to give different results.

Sorting by WLR gives a long list people probably abusing the ability to leave in-game to avoid a loss or death. I know this because on multiple occasions I’ve seen one of these “top 15” individuals prematurely leave matches I’ve participated within, yet their ratio remains unaffected.


what system are you playing on? im on xbox one and when i change filters its just sorted between friends or global or weekly/monthly but still wins in the end … havent seen the sort on K/D option :confused:


I’m on PC. I assumed the platform would not be important for something like leaderboard searches.