Suggestion: Extraction mode 10 days


While i was reading that shear’s map would get expanded as maps are added on, i though of this idea:

Upon the release of enough maps, there would be a 10 day extraction mode, exactly the same as the previous one, but with 2 defense modes, with the basis that the hunters had more colonists to rescue and their first dropship didn’t have enough fuel to return ( hunter victory in defense ) or got destroyed ( monster victory in defense ), so they had to wait 5 more days for the second dropship to arrive.

And the first defense the winning side will get a small but permanent bonus, random considered on what and how many matches they won on the previous day, ex: Monster wins 1st ( hunt ) 2nd ( nest ) but looses third ( rescue ) and wins fourth ( defense number 1 ) since monster won on hunt and nest, he either gains 5% movement speed ( hunt bonus ) starting with 2 evolution bars filled ( nest ) or the bonus from winning both ( 10% traversal ability charge cooldown reduction ( the time that it takes to fill a traversal ability bar ) this permanent bonus only applies on the side who won defense, so hunters can loose all matches but win defense and the monster won’t gain any buff.

I still have to think about the defense bonus for winning it ( the map adjacent ones ) suggestions are helpfull.

Your thoughts ? PS: thanks for whoever edited the title.

Here is a tl:dr for the wall of text above: After winning the first defense the winning side will get a small permanent buff for the duration of the remaining 5 days, and defense now gives a map bonus for winning.


I changed your title to avoid confusion before people misterpret it as some official game mode.

As for the topic it just sounds like Evacuation, but with double the length slapped onto it. Unless I’m missing something.


Did you read the Wall of text ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, it sounds like Evacuation with tweaks to it. The game mode sounds like it’ll last pretty long so to have people commit that much time sounds like a barrier. In Evacuation the losers get a stat boost anyway. Might as well just play Evacuation twice in a row and put time into developing more maps and characters.


THe thing that I’m worried about, is that the Defend map is all that matters. Playing 9 rounds and roughly 2 hours just to have it all win/lose pending on the last map seems a bit hard to swallow. I think 5 maps and 1 hour is a good play length for most players in a player vs. player type of game. If it was only Coop, meaning no players it might work, but having both sides in for that long can take a toll.


There are 2 defend maps in this one, and it is made for players who want a bigger more diverse alternative to the 5 day evac, and in this one you win by score, not by who won the defense, but winning it does give a big bonus to the survivor score at the end ( the number of people rescued/killed )


The problem is the stat increases the losers get. In a 5 map match, it’s arguable whether or not the stat increase is too strong as it is, let alone when you add more maps on it. Also, if you are on the losing end of the score after match 5, people are a lot more likely to leave after an hour worth of gaming if they aren’t likely to win. In a 5 map 1 hour game, people are more inclined to stick around to see it through because the last map is what matters.


The one big problem with the score, and the fact that it’s such a long, drawn out mode of 10 days is that people will be rage quitting once they lose the first initial rounds. People won’t feel compelled to stay around and this was one of the biggest problems in L4D, I’d say over 70% of my games ever got pass the 1st or 2nd round.


I’d rather see the games community stats on a map in the lobby showing how many monsters won on this map and that map. How many civilians have the hunters rescued and where they’re doing well. Make a meta game out of it and I can see myself play Evolve for years.


That is what i feel is the biggest weakness in this alternate mode, and that is why it may be better to play it on custom mode, with toggeable score or not ( the difference is that in the score off, the LAST defense match is the one that matters )


Agree with Slew, that being said, having a non Evac mode campaign mode would be cool. However, tweaks would need to be done as it would be a completely new mode. Perhaps it starts out with variations of Rescue, then a few Hunts, and then Nest modes leading to a final encounter with the Monster in it’s lair or something.


Good idea, with the basis that the hunters ( which have now rescued most of the survivors ) are looking for the alpha monster, and trying to rescue the anyone else they find.


Yup. I think Evac is pretty good as is, however, morph this into a Aliens type event where we rescue people, then go on the hunt, then start destroying their nests and possibly rescue some Scientists trapped in the monster’s lair would be cool :slight_smile:


Omg, how about in the order of matches that you play in ( starting with rescue and ending with nest + last mode ) the amount of people rescued/killed and the number of eggs ( again protected/destroyed ) affects the final battle in some way ?


@Matthew does the story of the monsters fit this game mode? It would be so awesome to see a continuation of the evac story somewhere down the line.


Yeah! Like coming back to shear after the evac to try and take out some sort of Monster queen that lays all those eggs :smile:


Just play Evac 2 times dude ;o


Thats no fun :wink:


With a little touch of imagination and the Magic of Friendship it can be more than fun!! :smiley:


I know, but i feel as more maps get added, a longer evacuation would be better.