Suggestion: Dropship Minigames!


So, respawning in this game takes time. Quit ea bit of it, actually. Two minutes isn’t a whole lot of a time in the grand scheme of things, but it can feel like an eternity if those minutes are spent doing nothing. Thus, I think something for downed players to do in that time would be nice.I’d considered giving them something they could do to benefit the rest of the team from the dropship, but I’m not sure that would be a good idea because the point of being dead is to have oneself removed from the fight so that the Monster can get a chance at wiping the rest of the Hunters out. It wouldn’t work that well if dead players could still do something because then there’s less punishment for dying and not as much of an advantage gained for the Monster, and given the already close win/loss ratio for both sides I’m not sure messing around with that balance too much would be beneficial. This does not mean that the Hunters need only sit around twiddling their thumbs or Shift + Tabbing out upon death, though. Thus, my idea.

Dropship Minigames!

Allowing the Hunters to play minigames on the dropship would allow them to do something without threatening the balance of the game by allowing them to be too productive. Death is still a punishment, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring!

I was thinking something like a Galaga clone or a shooting gallery, perhaps with either thirty second rounds or one long 1:30 that would take up a majority of the respawn timer. Not anything huge, just some fun time wasters while you wait to get back into the fray. Maybe even allow the dead Hunters to “wake up” on the dropship and wander around, slip some easter eggs into their ship lockers, have a small hub for an arcade or something. Again, nothing huge, just something to kill two minutes. Hell, even something like that awesome dancing robot from Killing Floor, simple little shiny distractions to keep players occupied while they wait.

Of course, for those who would rather spectate the match, just have a button designated to jump between spectate view and that dropship hub. That way, if the dead players want to still try and help track the Monster through the eyes of their team in case they see something their teammate can’t, that option is still there.

Not sure if anything like this was suggested before, but I wanted to get my two cents out there regardless. What do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Any ideas of your own for when the Hunters have bit the big one after being bit by the big one?


Nice idea.


Being a CS:GO player myself, i have absolutly no problem with waiting 2 minutes. Actually i have a question at this point:

Can you watch your teammates play, while you are dead? Because thats the thing I would want to see, while i wait for my respawn :o

Edit: @topic I think a minigame would disrupt the atmosphere of the game, i mean you and your team are in a tense situation, you are down and all you do is sitting in the dropship and play games? For me it feels like the player doesnt care about his teammates…


You can spectate while dead.

Once the dropship timer hits 0 you go into the standard start animation and are cutoff from your teamates health. The dropship flying in, stopping, opening the door, and greenlighting the jump take like a 10-20 second period that can feel like forever if beyond the whipping air noise you can hear the distant roar of a Goliath and explosions from the remaining members who are fighting to stay alive while you respawn.

I also feel that doing something different would take you out of it and promotes people not being aware of what has/is happening.


You are set to spectate your teammates upon death and then the game takes you back to the drop animation after a short time. Idk exactly when on the timer this occurs though


Thank you for the information! :slight_smile:
I think this is the best way to handle it, because everybody should know, what happened during there death, so they can react accordingly!


Pretty nice idea but your team would probably appreciate you spectating them more.

I’d like to see the hunters play rock paper scissors while they wait during the initial drop. It wouldn’t interrupt dialogue and there’s not much you can do during that part anyways.


I like the idea, but having the extra set of eyes may be useful for team reasons. Maybe something simple, brief, and optional to give players a choice?


Good points! Its certainly a good idea to keep track of what’s going on, especially in a game like this. Its easy for me to forget how useful spectate can be in a competitive game. I’d still like to see something a bit more interactive though. Maybe some monitors on the dropship that are spectating the Hunters, just something to make it a little more interesting for the deceased.


I guess it only starts after timer’s end ?..

So that we actually wait 2 mn + the whole animation time before you’re ready to fight.


No I think when .15 is left it swiches to the drop ship cutscene.


If you watch the interactive trailer, for example, it was after the end of timer.
Pretty sure it has not changed, but it would not be so hard to check it…


I noticed that too. Makes me wonder if the Monster would win if they incapped everybody after the timer but before the dropship spawned any other Hunters.


@Brandini @DarkThomy @Boomboxer23 It’s 2 minutes plus the animation which gets very tense if there’s one person left down on the surface or if the monster is on the edge of escape


I couldn’t remember if it was 2 minutes + the animation or if the animation was calculated into those 2 minutes. Thanks for the clarification


It hits 0 and then the sloooow animation starts where they wait until the doors are totally safely open and the green light goes on and everything is set and all you can say is “c’maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan”


Have them man a turret and shoot down aggressive wildlife fliers!


For some reason I hear Marcus’ voice from Gears of War 2 when his gun jams!



Baird would be saying something snide from the ground about taking your time up in the dropship followed by Cole "WOO"ing


Then Carmine would just die as he leaps. xD