Suggestion: Do not let hunters know what monster they are facing at match start


This is something that i’ve been reading a lot about, but not seen any confirmation either way but think it is ESSENTIALY for fun, and to keep the tension up. Hunters should have no idea what they are facing at the start of the match, so strategies can not be formulated before play, only IN play. I believe this is essential to keep it fresh and fair. The only clues you get are from the environment and of course, when you actually hear or see the monster.


Otherwise, after a while when hunters know their enemy at the start of the match, they will automatically be able to always formulate a set routine, which can make it monotomous for BOTH sides.

The game has something about it that makes me really really excited for it, can’t wait for more news, I’ve not felt this way about a game in a long long time, and that is refreshing :smile:


Do you mean, like when the hunters drops from the dropship and have no idea what monster they are facing, and the only way to find out which monster they are facing is find footprint or they hear sound from the monster?

I think there is going to be a different game mode that is going to be like this.

Hunt mode is the core game mode there Hunters know which monster they are facing, and other modes there Hunters dont know which monster they are facing.


yes i believe a gamemode like this is coming to the game. i would also love it >:3 that way i can surprise my pray >:3


It’s the little things like this that can really add to a game. Well done. Definitely make this the default, TRS.


It would turn the tides wouldnt it ;D?


I think the standard “hunt” mode lets you see who you’re facing, but I don’t doubt there’ll be a game mode where you have no idea who you’re up against


I really like this, I always thought the idea of “knowing” to be, in a sense, against the spirit of the game (though I’ll leave that final decision up to the people who designed the game in the first place).

Things such as seeing when a monster stages up, and knowing who you are up against take away from some of the heart stopping moments when you realize you may be out of your element as a hunter. And require an instant adjustment to your strategy depending on which hunters are on the field.

Don’t get me wrong, this is the only game I’m genuinely looking forward to all year and was my main focus at E3! But I would love to make a hunter soil himself when they realize they are no longer hunting a desperate stage 1, and stumble into a surprise attack by a bigger, badder and much angrier monster!


i agree you should not know what you are hunting before you find it or even at loading screen then see what your up against like in lol but you can see other hunters so you can choose what is best in synergy say someone chooses griffen then bucket might be better then hand because if griffen can keep up on his harpoons getting a good surround on your turrets is easier or going with hank if you see laz to help keep people from incap. but one thing at the e3 tournaments that bugged me was seeing that a monster has lvled up i think i should leave behind some goo or skin like a snake and if the hunters get close to see it then they would say something like “oh crap i think its bigger now be careful!”


I agree, not knowing when the monster stages up will help give the monster the element of surprise and maybe draw out more stage 3 fights away from the objective


I really like this ideal!


Only problem with this is that each monster has their own growl/battlecry when they have staged up. So youll know who youre fighting as soon as the monster evolves.


wouldnt foot prints right at the drop give it away too?


why give any side a bigger
advantage at start leave it the way it is! :slight_smile:


I agree with not letting hunters know what the monster is and when it has evolved. As a monster you can be detected just for eating some snacks.

Really ill even give up letting them know what monster I am as long as the evolution isn’t announced. If I would settle on something, maybe make the evolution cocoon more noticeable if hunters find it and then announce it.


Well u have to know when it hits stage 3? or else it will be unfair


Alright. Ill give you a stage 3 announcement but then lets put the mystery monster back on the table. Is that fair?


After considerable time in the Beta now, I am coming back to my thread to +1 my own idea again and say, this should DEFINATELY be at least an “option” when searching for games as a Monster.

To the above, I agree also about stage 1/2 being a mytery, then stage 3 being revealed what it is, somehow anyway.

I think this should be experimented with as being an option, and would love to see how it affects the games :).


Isn’t the “lore” that the monster is attacking the human settlement there though? Which means people evacuated because of it… which means they probably know what it is.


I realized that if I Dident happen to see the monster in the loading(joined mid match or looked away during the reveal for whatever reason) I was filled with both joy and fear in anticipation of seeing what monster I was hunting ever since I noticed how it made me feel I was dying for the ability to see this put in as a actual feature


I still believe after many experiences I hear, that this should still be a thing. At least some kind of option for games you join, set up, or “want” to search for, just an option in the menu “join games where monster selection is hidden from others”. I still think it would add a lot of depth as I too have “looked away” from the screen a few times and wow, when I realized i was going up against kraken it was a real buzz. Definately, something to be considered.

@peep well it could still fit into the fact “a monster attacked” but just be “we don’t know what kind…” so perhaps there is room for both. It would certainly change the dynamic.