Suggested Wraith ability nerf


There have been many posts about the Wraiths being over powered. And to put it bluntly I think it is as well. maybe not in ‘damage’ wise but it’s abilities and speed. My suggestion is a couple things. First the decoy ability I believe should have a longer cooldown timer. As I main trapper it is EXTREMELY difficult to trap the Wraith in the dome when every single time you see it, well it;s not the right one. and then when you finally do trap it it just decoys and hides until the dome is out. This isn’t about skill, or strats this is a blatantly unbalanced monster. My other suggestion would be and overall movement decrees, NOT on it’s basic walking or sneak but the speed it has when boosting through the air. In 5-7 second it’s absolutely too far away to do a single thing.