Suggested Griffin re-work


after the 4th wave of hunters, look like Griffin is the least useful trapper of all.
I have some suggestions for upgrade the effectiveness of one of the most successfully hunters in the universe

  • gauss gun . nothing, is fine as is.
  • Dome. nothing, is fine as is.
  • sonar stick: option 1 increase ratio
    option 2. sonar mine, that not only detect the monster, it also explodes for proximity (50% or 25% ratio) as a sonic bomb, disorienting (blur vision) for monster.
    so, you lose a stick but slowdown the monster a little.
  • harpoon gun. be the middle way between Maggie harpoon gun and Abe stasis grenade, instead of wait the monster to break the link, it has timed lifespan. So Griffin shoots, stop the monster 2 or 3 second without any chance to break the link. it works also to stop the monster approaching to the hunter.

Been the most experienced of all hunters should comes with many tricks learned in a life.
Maggie can shoot many harpoons, but a really good hunter only needs one.
Abe/Crow can use many grenades/ shoots to slowdown the monster, but Griffin can put himself in the monster way and stop it.


Nice ideas, but new abilities won’t be implemented into already existing characters and a unbreakable harpoon is very unfair to the Monster.


Griffin… least useful? WHA!!! He’s still, arguably, the best trapper in the game. Trappers are extremely well balanced atm.


sound spike* and that second option makes no sense. the purpose of the sound spike is to create a grid to alert hunters of monster movement, not damage him. And even if it did, it would only serve as being a mild inconvenience to the monster as he can easily just eat something and get back the minor damage to his armor…


I actually think the Trapper class is the most balanced between the 4. I don’t think any trapper is outright better than another because they all play very differently when achieving the same goals.

Griffin can get sounds spikes set up all over the map so you can’t really ever lose the monster unless they sneak literally everywhere which in turn means you should run into it eventually. His harpoon is easily broken yes, but it is also quicker to hit than Maggie’s and if timed right can outright waste the monster’s traversal. There is nothing more satisfying than throwing a dome and then harpooning the monster so it can’t traversal out of it before it comes down. His gun is pretty bad but that’s the trapper class. Maggie and Abe are no different.

All in all I think Griffin is the hardest trapper to play correctly but he is pretty good in his own right. Stop harpooning the monster when he is facing you. That has to be the worst thing a Griffin player can do to himself.


I think that if Grif has the monster harpooned should do continuous damage not much but enough to make Griffin feel alittle more helpful


thanks! Spike.
the sonic explosion wont hurt the monster. only slow it down 2 or 3 seconds.

And by experience, I only see Mags for Rescue missions, Abe (with Val or Hyde) to slow-combos and Crow because is the new guy in town (and everyone loves little bat pets).


And a monster thats immune to harpoons all together and resilient to stasis is unfair to the hunters.


Griffin is reaaaally good, possibly even the best in the right hands and with a good team, but he’s by far the hardest to play out of all of the Trappers. I would have personally liked to have seen him in Tier 3 and Abe moved down to Tier 2.

A good Griffin player should never put himself in the Monsters way, he should put himself right behind it so he can get those harpoons in the back, stopping the Monster from moving towards the rest of the team.


i could see that if maybe the monster attacked the spike, not based on proximity.
And the reason I think why we don’t see as many Griffins is because not only does he have a high skill ceiling that makes him hard to use, but hes a trapper that relies heavily on the rest of the team. A true Griffin player needs to communicate with his teammates and position himself opposite them in order to snare the monster preventing him from attacking the medic or a weakened hunter. Because of this Griffin tends to become the main target of the monster, so now in turn its up to the team to keep the Griffin alive via heals, sheilding, mines, etc. Also Griffin is the best trapper at preventing a monster from fleeing, however he can only do so if he is helped by the team ( Sunnys booster, Vals tranq) like Madcow said, if put in the right hands and with a capable team, he can very well be the best Trapper.


Lol, ESPECIALLY since Tier 4, Griffin is great because Behemoth struggles against him like crazy.



dude iam sorry but l2p griffin is THE TRAPPER

noone gets near his lvl



all but one monsters has some kind of charge attack (Kraken has not).
So if Griffin could counter that, could be awesome. as a roman falange the harpoon works to stop the charge. :smile:
you are right, trapper should be behind the monster.

and for the spike, all other trappers have a passive role to detect the monster. But Tier 4 change a little the rules of the hunters roles isn’t ?
An assault that also marks weak spots (like medic)
a support with two boost (shield and flight)


The harpoon will cut the distance for all abilities that cause movement in half, so charge, leap smash, warp blast, abduction and Wraith’s standard warp will only travel at half their normal distance.


That’s why he gets chosen at esl tournaments.


I love me some griffin I have no idea why you think he needs a buff.


Griffin is FAAAR from the least useful. He’s the only reliable trapper for doming, and what he lacks in stage 1 hunts he makes up for in spades once you’ve flushed a monster. He also has the most reliable slowing when not being focused.

I wouldn’t change a thing about Griffin, he takes a bit of skill to get right but he’s in a spot I hope doesn’t change!


I do think Griffin could use a little bit of a change to make him more easy to use.

Sound Spikes - make the Monster be able to target them, but have them alert Griffin of which one went down. Maybe make them disorient the Monster when destroyed by melee, like a small area Spore Cloud.

Harpoon Gun - the thing is supposed to be able to stop 16 ton hexapods in their tracks. Yet is it easily broken by a Stage 1 Monster. I agree that it should scale per the Monster’s Stage - maybe a timer that gives it a shorter max time as the Monster gets stronger. Or base it on the Monster’s attack value.


I haven’t been on the forums in a long, long time unless summoned. A buddy from my stream linked me here so I could give my input on the matter… So here it is:

ha… ahahaha…
shakes head


Behemoth vs Griff

Just try something I dare you