Suddenly I realised (I've spent lots on Evolve without realising)


I have spent over 100$ on Evolve alone, at least 30% of that is on cosmetics. Anyone else that in love with this game or is it just me?


I spent over $100 on it as well. I pre-ordered the PCMR, bought a skin pack after that, and then a hunter for a friend. So it’s not just you.


Yeah i’m there too.I don’t usually spend money on games nor ever buy DLC’s.Like Never.Yet…Evolve…damn…


I pre-ordered a copy on XO, bought t4, jade skin for behemoth and bog for Goliath.
Then I bought another copy for my friend… Soo I’ve spent
$150 estimated? Rounded down


I swore to myself I wouldn’t buy any form of DLC ever.
that Tiger Goliath ;-;
I’m so weak :cry:


Step 1: Preorder evolve
Step 2: Preorder evolve a second time as monster race edition (100$)
Step 3: Buy all monster skins immediately as they appear
Step 4: Constantly repeat “I am a consumer whore” on stream while buying every new monstreal skin that comes out
Step 5: ???
Step 6: You are now chiprel


Ah, yes, add on giveaways of copies of evolve and DLCs/skins…Shit.


I got Digital Deluxe for like $80 and have bought several monster skin bundles so I’m around there too…

I’ll still never buy a hunter skin pack until they make them full character reskins though.


There is no profit in our steps but we make the world a better place :wink: one added evolve player at a time


I believe we should start an Evolve DLC Buyer Anonymous club, or EDLCBA for… short…ish.


Got the digital deluxe and bought my first skin today (maneater Abe so fab) so that’s with tax around 85-90 bucks lol


I’ve spent so much on skins. Still doesn’t beat my $480 on mechwarrior online though.


It will someday, just wait till we’re all on here clamoring for a 12th monster and it’s 4 new skins like crack addicts at a dealer


I just Pre-ordered the game and bought the tier 4 hunters. I don’t really like the skins because they don’t change the color of the hunter’s clothes, and most monster skins just don’t look too good (to me).

On the other hand I do think that they have been stepping their skin game up by putting out some much nicer looking skins. I also like to get the ones for free via the phone App. Arctic Daisy is so beautiful


I did the same I just love this game. Im getting the pop Goliath and I have the art of evolve book.


I buy all skin packs that come out. I can wait for the single skins to be lumped into a bundle. I have almost every hunter skin pack available in the store and most monster skins.


After what happened last night I know you’re a bigger fan than me haha


Umm…You realize what you sounded like mate? :stuck_out_tongue:

As for me. I had to pay 135 USD for PCMR.

Then Steam screwed up and didn’t give it to me.

So I spent another 80 USD on the standard edition. Heart = Broken.


So, while I technically haven’t spent any money on cosmetics, I’ve gone through like 2-3 $20 PSN cards that I get as part of a rewards program at Speedway. I buy so much food from them lol


It worries me how okay ppl are with spending so much money on cosmetics like this. Actions speak louder than words and by buying so much DLC we basically tell them its okay to charge us extra for content that should have been included in the initial game.

I too have spent about $100 on this game because i wanted to support it. But im drawing the line there. Every three new monster skins that come out are another $10. Its too much.