Suddenly all DLC missing

I bought this game including all DLC on from Steam 05-09-2015 and now on 08-09-2015 none of my DLC seem to be working. I noticed because the Behemoth I was playing for 3 days straight, suddenly displayed this message: Visit the store to unlock Behemoth and other characters!

Please, I just want to play what I paid for, help me!

try re-download it maybe it will work and if not make sure got something to show that you bought them like an email

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Right click Evolve in your games library and click to View Downloadable Content. Your DLC should be selected. If it is not, then select it and try the game again; If it is, unselect it, exit out, then go back in and re-select them. Then go to local files and click Verify Integrity of Game Cache. See if this will work. If it does not, then let us know.

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If that doesn’t work and there are no more suggestions to try then submit a support ticket here

I’m not a pc guy so I’m afraid I can’t be of more help.
Good luck though. :smile:

Also, if it doesn’t work and you do have to file a support ticket to 2K, you can provide them with a screenshot of your Downloadable Content of your game which will show your purchases.

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