Sudden Loss of Tier 4 Arctic Skins?


It would appear that all of the arctic skins I had for tier 4 that were added in the last patch from purchasing the first hunting season pass are no longer available for me.

I know that at the very least I had the skin for Slim available yesterday, seeing as I played a match with it equipped. Though now none of my tier 4s have theirs.

Anyone else have this problem, and if so has anything been said on TRS’s part?


Mine are gone as well.


all of us

sometimes it appears we lost them and then get back after that


I just have the arctic skin for Sunny ???

Bought season pass 1.


First game when you log on has them locked. At least, it always seems that way to me. But after that first game, I can access them again.


Are you connected to your social club account? I am not really sure what could cause this issue.