Sudden loss of FPS {PC}


After the most recent patch I lost about 30 FPS, I am now down to about 10-20 from my original 40-50. Not quite sure what caused this, but it’s rather annoying.


Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?


That’s super weird. Interested to see if anyone else has a similar issue.


I’m experiencing weird fps losses. Mainly I get 2000 fps in loading screens (no that’s not a typo) and then in combat I get 5 fps. I used to have between 58 and 60 fps at all times.


Thats odd, that didn’t come up in our compat testing. Can you post your CPU and videocard info?


happened to me too man :frowning:


Do you have Vsync enabled? Does toggling it change your FPS?


i7-4770k and a gtx 970. The combat seems to have calmed down but I’m still getting 2200 fps in loading screens and it takes forever to load even in solo.


I have a GeForce GTX 860M and a Intel i7-4710HQ 2.50 GHz. I have everything off and at low to try and increase the FPS, didn’t work :confused:


I’ve been having lag spikes as well, and I have not had those problems since before the patch. Random lag spikes that is.
It was mostly happening this morning, but it’s stopped for the most part recently. Was pretty bad right after downloading the patch, no idea why.
Intel Core: i3 4330 3.50 GHz (Dual Core)
8 gigs of ram.
AMD Radeon R9 270 2GB


Lag spikes or FPS loss?

FPS loss is the computer, lag is the network connection.


Is it using more then 3.5GB of VRAM?
The GTX970 slows to a crawl when it uses past 3.5GB up to 4GB of VRAM.


Definite FPS loss for me, my ping is still good just lost about 30 frames, everything else is the same.


It didn’t pre patch so I doubt it is now.


same, super low fps, and stuttering.

Game crashes too but it’s always done that.


Any updates on this? It’s still happening, I regained the FPS yesterday but lost it again.


@MacMan Do you guys have any progress updates about this or am I just going to have to grin and bear it? :’(