Sudden Frame Drops on PC



I labeled this as a bug since I’m not sure what else it could be. I’ve messaged TRS on Twitter about this, and was told that the patch released today (7.13.2016) would help. Unfortunately it didn’t.

Alright so here’s the problem in a nutshell: The game quite frequently seems to be suffering massive frame drops/stutters/stalling/freezing whatever you want to call it. I’m talking a pretty steady 30-60 FPS, then suddenly, for seemingly no reason at all, it stalls for 1-3 seconds. Just freezes up, or drops to like 4FPS Audio and everything works fine (most of the time), and it’s almost like connection lag but with FPS drops instead. I know what laggy connections look like on this game so far and it’s not that. These frame drops are quite literally MURDER at times, as it stops me from doing anything at that moment, and can result in deaths.

For those wondering, yeah, the PC I’m using (not mine, belongs to university) can run the game. That being said, I don’t know if maybe it’s a driver update that’s needed or what, since, y’know, not my computer and I can only do so much. But I don’t think it is. As a comparison, my 4-year-old toaster Alienware M11x R3 with a 1GB graphics card runs the game on minimum graphics at slightly under 30FPS, and doesn’t seem to have the same issue (to my knowledge. It may have happened a few times but I’d more attribute that to toaster-laptop and mediocre internet).

I can’t really get any specifics on the university computers, but they run other similar-era games like Overwatch, Warframe, pretty much most Late-PS3 to Current PS4 games pretty smoothly. Never had an issue with any other games. All i can really say is they’re Alienware Auroras with Windows 10, 8GB RAM, can’t get the graphics card info, not sure if it’s Nvidia or AMD.

Sorry for the very long first forum post. I’ve checked other posts with similar issues and besides not being able to check GPU usage without an admin account (thanks uni), I have tried running the game on medium graphics, to the same effect. Any advice I could relay to the tech guys here would be much appreciated, and maybe if I’m not the only one it is something going on with the game.

Thanks y’all!

Random hitching on high end pc

Same problem, patch only made it worse actually.


Yeah, just played a match where I think I spent more time frozen due to FPS issues than I was playing. Dude tried to say it was my computer was a potato, which… Well, this PC is better than my laptop and my laptop can still run the game.


I’ll grab some possible fixes and get back with you.


These have helped others with similar situations.


Thanks. As these are university computers I’m talking about (I’ve gotten a couple others to start playing too), I can’t try any of these myself yet. I did tell one of the tech guys, and he says it might have been a while since the drivers were updated. So I guess we’ll try that come Sunday-ish, and we’ll try the “Maximum performance” tweak. Thanks in advance!


Neither the first nor second link apply to me, right now the game is unplayable after the recent patch.

I get constant freezes on key areas of the gameplay and end up getting a bad experience.

Minimum or Very High have exactly the same performance 45FPS with freezes, during Legacy I would play at Medium/High settings and get 60FPS without freezes.

Not best PC but played before patch, after I almost can't