Sudden Death Survey Satellite

So I was playing with some friends yesterday and our monster buddy didn’t have a mic but he could still here me. I was the final one and I said something like,

"No, DK STAP YOU LOVE ME. Wait let’s call a truce okay? Okay you see that timer on the top? Nod your head if you do…"

nods head

"Okay well watch this. I’m gonna wait for that to go down. Now you see this spike?"

nods head

"Now I’m gonna put this here and…"

puts spike away because DK has violent seizuring for whatever reason (this is when video starts)

proceeds to place my spike



panics and starts shooting the hell out of DK’s face

DK wrecks me




I know, right?

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Well shit…

I know, right!? It’s crazy!

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well not as crazy as a well placed hank orbital drop but hey yeah it s pretty absurd

Well I mean, yeah, of course Hank’s Orbital is going to do a lot of damage. Still, for a trapper, that’s absolutely insane.

Let’s all jump on the Nerf train on this one, seriously :sweat:

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I would hate to nerf this ability because of arena.


It doesn’t really need a nerf. The damage it does right now I feel is good. It’s just crazy in Sudden Death.

Absolutely agree with you. I just think it’s crazy how much damage it did and wanted to share it with the community, lol.

Maybe sudden death just sucks lol. They should nerf that crap.

I just realized that your profile picture is Egypt. It’s Egypt, right?

It’s the pyramids as seen from the ISS.

Oh, yeah I tots forgot that Sudden Death is a thing in Arena… -embarrassed- :no_mouth:

Sudden Death boosts any damage by 400% so everything does crazy damage from Hank’s barrage, Buckets Turrets etc

Jacks satellite beam doing damage normally is a little off IMO, but yeah boost anything by 400% and it will look crazy!

It is really weird that it deals damage at all to me. Our trapper player has been killing a lot of monsters with it. We straight up killed a few monsters in hunt today with it.

Woah, err that did a lot. All the jacks I fight like to use that thing as a weapon more then a tracking device :stuck_out_tongue: .

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It only really makes a good weapon in a dome because then it’s harder to dodge. You can dodge the beams by simply walking between them. It’ll still track you I believe, but it allows you to dodge the lasers. And you can destroy the spike with ranged attacks and cancel the ability.

Pictures or it didn’t happen.