Sudden Death Mode?


So, I understand the gameplay timer is to make sure no monsters (wraith) run forever. But I lost a game today as Behemoth, on the Wraith Trap map where I wiped the team at stage 1, except the support, and by stage 3 I had full health still. We were skirmishing a lot, but I never had any kind of disadvantage, I was really trying to farm my last star in my Fire Bomb mastery. However when the timer got to about a minute, I decided I wanted to just end it, and kept repeatedly trying to wipe everyone, but they would all just spread out around different sides of the relay, not even fighting me, just running in crazy directions. Sunny kept alluding me more than anyone with her cloak, but it was like even when I’d catch her, they would be dropping back in, running different directions as soon as the first hunter died. I’d go for the relay (which I’m completely against usually, it doesn’t feel like a win unless youve already basically won like in this situation) but Sunny and Torvald would just stand on opposite sides of the Relay, goading me to chase one of them while the other ran away. It was the only time I’ve lost where there was no reason too, it was very aggravating.

Anyways, sorry for the ramble. It was just so weird to go from toying with a team, to trying to race to clock and down each one in those final seconds. And if the timer runs out, why do the hunters just win? They didn’t kill the monster, like they were supposed to.

I know it’s to keep monsters from running all game. But maybe when the timer runs out, time fast forwards a little? Sudden death mode begins, the monster gets an instant stage 3 (keeping any damage to its health it’s recieved but gaining full armor) and it starts with the team at the Power Relay, with the monster, in a dome that STAYS UP INDEFINITELY, so it’s truly a sudden death mode. Like it will stay up even if the Trapper drops. And maybe to even it out for hunters, since a monster might try and run all game just to enter sudden death mode, remove a strike from each hunter. Since the monster gets armor and a free stage 3 that makes sense.

Feedback, thoughts?


I feel like the Hunters should just win at 25-30 minutes. If they’ve delayed you for that long, they deserve the win.

HOWEVER, that’d be extremely unfair when you consider things like the Sunny/Griffin/Val combo which you can never shake unless the Hunters screw up, or the Hank/Caira combo which takes quite a while to crack.


What would be unfair? I know that delaying the monster typically means the hunters will win, but I love the feel of there always being one last big brawl, for the teams to prove their skills. :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a flaw in this idea, what if the sudden death dome is in the open, sorry to say this but your behemouth would get destroyed by torvald, a trapper ant take the dome down meaning if someone was stuck in a corner they cant escape, this idea doesnt sound so good at competitive level.


What i think they should do is make a mode where monster starts stage 3 (not defend) and the monster and hunters battle it out, and for armour to be regained monster has to get a strike and then can move to the next part of the map while hunters have to wait certain amount of time before they can pass giving the monster time to gain armour, if not that then armor regen on this mode is much quicker and only takes a little time to regain armour when out of the dome and away from the hunters. This would allow for some fast paced action in my opinion.


I would suggest killing all the hunters at stage 2, because the hunters have an advantage on the relay. Some relay’s are just too open.

I would also suggest to whither down the relay, even if you are not able to attack it for more than a second, you will slowly deal damage to it. Rock Wall is really good as long as it is not aimed near you, hunters, wildlife and as little as possible terrain.


It wouldn’t even have to be a dome, just a small arena. And it isn’t meant to give the monsters an edge, just give everybody that chance for a last organized fight. I figured If it was a permanent dome, it would be in a predetermined place in each map, with fair positioning. It could be beneficial to the hunters if all they need is an organized fight to gain an edge, or if a monsters been harassed an entire game and can’t get to stage 3 because they’re consta right behind him, it could give him a last chance. Though it wouldn’t be much of a benefit to him if it took off a strike from each hunter, that seems pretty fair.


I like that mode idea!


I didn’t have rock wall that game, it infuriated me. :laughing:


The Sudden Death mode you suggested does seem a bit rough but I like the concept of it.

I’ve had multiple matches as Goliath lately where I lost due to the BS timer, plain and simple. I wasn’t even purposefully delaying the match at all.
Some Hunter team setups that include Sunny, Caira or Crow are just really difficult to shake off. I don’t see the balance in a timer that then forces the Monster to just fight the Hunters and die because he never got the chance to gain armor.

One recent match for example, had me carefully taking the time at the start to try and lure the Hunters into a wrong direction.
After sneaking to a different area I noticed there was a huge lack of wildlife even after waiting to make sure the spawning wasn’t just delayed as occasionally happens. So I circled to what I thought was a safe place, still with barely any armor, tried to go for the elite Armadon but then got shot at when I almost killed it. They found me. I know they just got extremely lucky but still - they found me. And there I was with 1 bar of armor that remained after fighting the Armadon.
I spent the next 20 minutes or so constantly having the Hunters closely on my tail. I got domed multiple times doing my best to dodge most damage, but the domes were usually somewhere at the center of the map so after they dropped it was pretty much impossible to gain enough distance for trying to sneak, eat or evolve no matter which direction I went.
Somehow I made it to stage 2 and obviously lost almost all my health in the arena that dropped while I was still evolving. Then the timer appeared. No way I was gonna win that match.

In short I made a lot of mistakes in that match but I still believe having a timer appear that forces the Monster to fight the Hunters even though it wasn’t even his fault for delaying the match is not balanced. At least not if the end of that countdown means an instant win for the Hunters.


If the monster is within 10 meters of the relay the timer should stop. Hunters do like to run out the clock when they know the can’t win in combat.


I think something that was just as annoying to them was the fact that you were farming them instead of just finishing the game earlier.


Or when a monster won’t stop running.

If you want to stop the clock, attack the relay. A hunter will have to engage you and thus the clock will freeze. If you’re stage 1 or 2 at 20 minutes, then you pretty much just need to get better.


Attacking the relay stops the clock, but then they can shoot you to keep you from attacking it, and as soon as you pursue them they run separately and hide, running the clock out. I know monsters avoiding conflict the whole game is a problem (one I constantly get annoyed by with Wraiths) so I don’t think the timer should be removed. But I hate when a team won’t even fight me, they make it bluntly obvious they’re just running down the timer and just drag the match out. That’s worse than me trying to grind a few masteries in a round I obviously am winning.

Telling me to get better is stupid, I had 3 points in Lava Bomb stage 1 and wiped the entire team besides Sunny. It’s not my skill that was questionable in this match, it was that I let the timer get so low and I didn’t realize the team could literally just peg you from a distance, keeping the relay safe and then running the clock down for a cheese win.


I just thought of something.
Mind you, I in no way spent much time or effort into coming up with this so it’s far from balanced and finalized but yet I feel it’s a better implementation than an instant-win for the Hunters. (which doesn’t make sense anyway because the reason they arrived at the first place was to kill the Monster)

What if, after the timer runs out, a dropship will appear in the sky (purely visual) and tag the Monster permanently?
A bit like the Cargo Ship map effect in Evacuation, only this effect would last till the end of the match.

Obviously this shouldn’t be the only event that happens because then matches can still last forever and the Monster has no reason to go for the Power Relay.
I don’t know… it’s perhaps something to discuss further.

Like I said, I know there’s some things wrong with this idea but imo everything beats an instant win for the Hunters that doesn’t even make any sense.


Or maybe a permanent arena till one side wins.


Huh. It took you 9 words to come up with something better. :disappointed:


I like the permanent arena idea. I don’t know how it would be implemented exactly though. Maybe once the timer runs out, the next dome dropped will last indefinitely? So if the trapper domes the monster in a bad area it could be troublesome, but it could also be very beneficial to the hunters if they get a good dome.


Or… an arena can drop and it just forces everyone to respawn in it, if they don’t willingly run in it within 15 seconds.


What about this?

If the timer runs out and the monster is at the relay a perminate dome drips on the relay. No one would be forced inside. If the hunters don’t enter the dome they can’t damage the monster and it can continue to destroy the relay.

If the monster is still running around a dome appears over the monster. If the hunters don’t engage within a certain time they get transported into the dome. No running around hunting buffs while the monster it’s trapped.

I would like to see a temporary dome drop when the monster attacks the relay. The relay is there to force the fight if the hunters won’t engage, make them engage as intended. Just like normal domes, if you’re not inside the dome you can’t damage anything inside. Maybe stay active for 10-15 seconds after the monster is forced to stop. This will give the monster enough time to chase down the cowardly hunter before it drops.