Sudden death grace period changed to 10 seconds?


In the current 4.0 patch notes it says that the sudden death grace period has been changed to 10 seconds. I need someone to confirm what this means. Does this mean that now when there is only 1 hunter left it will only take 10 seconds to go into sudden death as opposed to 30 seconds like it currently is?


What exactly does it state? And where is this info? I just tried to find it in the patch notes and can’t see it…


This is the hunt sudden death timer. It would stay paused for 15 seconds after combat ended but it was reduced to 10 seconds.

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So it’s not for arena mode but Hunt mode, it’s the time it takes for the timer to unfreeze after a fight ?


Exactly. People said the timer stayed paused to long after a fight and the devs agreed and lowered it.

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So just to make this clear.

Sudden Death Timer: Timer in Arena mode for the 400% damage boost when 1 Hunter left alive.

Match Countdown Timer: Timer that starts in the final 2:00 of Hunt Mode before the Hunters win.

I’m not too sure which is being talked about here as it seems they are being interchanged…

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They are talking about the timer that determines when combat mode ends.

Ten seconds after the monster (or hunters) flees and neither side engages each other within a 70m range, combat mode is discontinued. Combat mode is what causes the monster to get faster cooldowns and traversals and pauses health regen from the Tyrant.


Yeah, but then I saw arena mode getting thrown in there, just making sure everyone was on the same page.

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Yeah, the use of “sudden death” in the patch notes to refer to this timer made it really confusing.

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Woah is this a PC only change? Because I could REALLY use that on consoles! We’ve had a few close matches where we decided to run out the clock and a stupid pub assault kept shooting the monster. We couldn’t tell him to stop because he wasn’t in our party chat (Though thinking back I should have changed to ingame chat and told him…)

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