Sudden armor gain on Monsters


After a couple of games in stage 2 i have noticed that sometimes the monster instantly gains full armor. I have experienced this on 3 seperate occasions with 3 different monsters.

Case 1: Gorgon. Caught mid evolution to stage 2 was battered by Torvald mortars and Hank orbital barrage during its evolution, after it stopped evolving we domed it and 3 seconds later it downed our Caira. As soon as Caira went down the armorbar was instantly full. Needless to say we lost in the “Doomdome” as it became.
Team: Torvald, Hank, Caira, Abe.

Case 2: Wraith. Caught just after stage 3 evolution, lost all its armor in combat with us. However after the first dome timer reduction, caused by hp % dam, it suddenly had full armor again.
Team: Hyde, Bucket, Caira, Maggie.

Case 3: Elder Kraken. Tried to troll camp us out of spawn, it did however not succeed. As it was retreating we domed it and it suddenly got full armor again.
Team: Hyde, Bucket, Rogue Val, Griffin.


I noticed this in the game I just had.

I’m not a veteran player or anything so I just assumed I was missing something but while playing the Monster it announced that the Monster’s armour had been destroyed but when I looked up I still had near full armour (this was mid-fight).


Just for clarity, are you positive this was not from “armor channeling”? Where they sit behind cover for a few seconds and their armor starts to regen rapidly?


Yes i am certain.
In my first experience i was reloading after emptying my autoshotgun in its face.
In the second i did not have a visual of the monster as i had just ducked behind cover for an abduction, i was only out of LOS for 5 or 6 seconds. However the monster was standing in vision of my turrets as they where continiually shooting at it.
In the third case i had a harpoon in its “arse” as griffin would say.


Did this happen after an Evolve?

I had a match yesterday where it looked like the armor a Monster gets after an Evolve was delayed when we caught him on an Evolve. It was a Meteor Goliath when I saw it.


If possible do you guys think you can grab some video of this? It would be really helpful. Either way I’ll note this down and we will try to get a repro on it.


It might be something related to this actually.

I think if you fight straight after evolving then the armour is possibly delayed or something along those lines.


Pretty sure it has to do with an Evolving Monster, I’ll record any games I play to see if I can get footage next time.

I caught a MG on evolve and he got up and started fighting, health going down and then about 15-20 seconds later his armor meter just started going up mid-fight.


I figured based on your description, but it’s good to be sure.


Honestly I’ve seen this too, but I don’t think it’s a bug.

Check Kala Armor Reducer.


Well, it’s not Kala, because she wasn’t in your teams at the time.

So - I mean… it was probably just regeneration.